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Easy Duplicate Finder Review: Fast and Easy to Use Duplicate Remover [2020]
easy duplicate finder
EFFECTIVENESS 4 OUT OF 5 Quickly locates duplicate files PRICE 4 OUT OF 5 $39.95/year for one computer EASE OF USE 4.5 OUT OF 5 Intuitive and…
Firefox Send Review: Simple and Private Large File Sharing Service
firefox send 1
What is Firefox Send? Back in 2017, the first product of the Mozilla Foundation's Test Pilot Web Lab, Firefox Send, came out. This is a simple and private free file upload service. Files…
Resilio Sync Review 2020: Features, Usage and Details
resilio sync
Nowadays, the demand for file backup and synchronization has become more and more intense. There are many cloud storage services like Dropbox, but they all have limitation, that is, all files have to…
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Advanced Method for Recovering Deleted Files with WinHex
How to fix common Windows 10 blue screen errors Header
Common ways to delete a file Deleting files is one of the most common operations we do when using a computer. Under The Windows operating system, there are mainly the following four basic methods to delete files: 1. Delete the file directly,…
Ultra-Fast Storage: Dive Into SSDs
best ssds
The difference between SSDs and HDDs As we know, the consumer hard drives are dominated by HDDs (mechanical hard drives) and SSDs (solid-state hard drives). HDDs are available in 2.5-inch (for laptops) and 3.5-inch (for desktops) physical sizes, as well as SSHD (hybrid…
What Happens on NTFS File System After Deleting a File?
When you delete a file from the computer, the operation may be simple from your point of view. Either use the shortcut key to delete files directly, or put it in the recycle bin and then empty the recycle bin. But does…