Office hacks: 3 + 2 flexible use of WPS integrated environment

Text, forms, slides, daily office tasks are basically inseparable from these three areas of software. However, the era of efficiency has given rise to new requirements and products. Now, in addition to the above three tasks, we often have to deal with mind mapping and cross-platform light multimedia presentations, etc. So, do we need to install more software for this? In fact, with only one WPS 2019 software, you can flexibly accomplish the tasks in an integrated environment.

1. 3+2 Integrated Office: One click to split and combine

Documents, forms, and presentations are often not isolated, and multiple areas may be involved at the same time in a work report or presentation. In the past, to create these different types of documents, you needed to launch different software windows, create mind maps or HTML5 multimedia works, and install separate third-party tools. With WPS 2019, these tasks can be done in the same window.

Launch WPS 2019, click the small plus button on the File tab bar to open the New Category selection window, select the Text, Form, Presentation, Mind Map, and Xutang H5 buttons, and you can immediately create a new document of the corresponding type. Newly created different types of documents integrated in the same WPS window, to achieve the coexistence of different categories of documents in the same window (Figure 1).


If you want to work with a separate window, such as forms and presentations to compare the same screen, you can right-click on a document tab, and then select the “Transfer to Workspace Window → New Workspace Window” command, the current window and the default window to achieve separation. Conversely, if you want to display a separate window with the main window, simply right-click on the window document tab, and then select “Transfer to Workspace Window → Default Workspace” can be (Figure 2).


2. account + cloud work data security

Although WPS text, forms and presentations can be created and saved only locally, local documents have inherent security risks and poor mobility defects. If your hard drive is damaged or your machine is lost, your documents may no longer exist; if you forget to upload a document or take it with you, you can’t continue editing it when you’re out and about. Both of these situations can be avoided by first logging into your network account in WPS and having your edited documents automatically synced to the WPS cloud (Figure 3).


Unlike the above three major components, if you want to create a knowledge structure map with “Mind Map” or an HTML5 multimedia work with “Xutang H5”, you must first log in to your network account, otherwise you cannot use it. The login for both software can be done either through the user’s existing application account (e.g., WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Xiaomi, Campus Mail) or by registering a new dedicated account via cell phone number (Figure 4). After logging in, the documents for creating mind maps or multimedia works are saved in real time on the cloud server. Of course, it can also be exported and saved locally.


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