4 Methods to Move QuickBooks to New Computer

QuickBooks is commonly known as accounting software that works for both small and medium companies. Whether you want to pay invoices or accept the payments, this app is the perfect choice for users. There are more than 4 million users who have signed up for a free trial of QuickBooks.

But the question is how to move QuickBooks to a new computer? There are various methods that you can try, such as moving the license to a new computer or using the Move QuickBooks tool. Before you do that, make sure to backup your folder to avoid any data loss. Let’s discuss the 4 methods in detail that you can use to move QuickBooks to a new computer.

Part 1: Move QuickBooks to a new computer manually

Here are the steps that you can follow to move QuickBooks from one computer to a new one. Make sure to create the backup files before you start this process.

Before you start the process, here are some things that you must keep in mind.

* The software must have the latest version on both PCs.

* Make sure your files are not too large. In case if they are, you have to repeat the process several times.

Steps to move QuickBooks to a new computer 

Step 1: First, install QuickBooks on the new computer. Make sure you have the license, installation code, and other things for completing the installation process.

Step 2: After that, update the software on the new computer. You can choose the option Help / Update to update the software. Updating the software is important when you transfer the data.

Step 3: Now it’s time to back up your company data on the old computer. You can backup it in USB/flash drivers so that it can easily be accessible to the new computer.

Note: Make sure to create a small file such as a Portable file, which is 20% the size of a regular QBW file. In this way, you can be able to move the files easily.

Step 4: Once you are done with the backup, then attach the USB with the new computer. Make sure the USB is free from virus. In case if you have made a backup using an online tool, then download the file on a new computer.

Step 5: Launch the QuickBooks software on the new computer. Now open the software and select Open or restore an existing company option. After that, select the option Restore Portable file. This is where you have to upload your backup file, which you have made in the old computer.

Step 6: Go to the drive where you have put your backup file and upload it to start the process.

Step 7: Now choose the option where you want to locate your new QuickBooks file. You can choose the option suggested by the software, or you can choose My Documents.

Step 8: Click the Restore option to finish the process. Don’t turn off your software until the process is completed.

Step 9: Once the process is done, your files will be moved completely to the new computer. In case if your data is still missing, then you can repeat the steps again to move the other files.

Part 2: Transfer QuickBooks to a new computer with Move QuickBooks tool

QuickBooks is among the best accounting management tools that help to manage business payments, payroll functions, and much more. With the help of this software, you can manage your payment issues. Furthermore, you can also keep a record of your payments and rent details by adding the details in the software.

Besides, if you want to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer, then are some steps that you can follow.

On the old computer follow these steps

* Open the QB software and go to its menu bar. Then, click the File menu option.

* Now choose the Utilities option.

* Then, search for the option Move QuickBooks To Another Computer and select it.

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* After that, choose the option I’m ready to start the process and create a strong password.

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* Now select the pen drive where you want to move the files and wait for the process until the data get copied.

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On the New Computer follow these steps:

* Now insert the pin drive to a new computer.

* Now look for the Move_QuickBooks.bat or run it. In case if you don’t want to run the file, then wait for the Move QuickBooks tool to start.

* After that, enter the password that you have created above and choose Let’s Go option.

* Don’t turn off your device until the process has been completed.

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