618 coming These few pieces of prior preparation

With the update of the online business APP and webpage, the annual mid-year promotion officially descends, to chop chop value, do not eat regret medicine in 6.19, then ready to start the partners, these things must first prepare up.


The most attractive thing in the big promotion is of course the price, to prevent the stores from raising the price and then lowering it or canceling some freebies and services, now you have to record the price of the products of interest and other information. You can capture the products of interest in one screen by selecting the restrictions, or by comparing, shopping cart and other functions to focus on the capture record, pay attention to record both the price and information such as freebies and full reductions.


In addition, a good list of needs is also very important, such as to save and upgrade partners, you can first list the configuration according to their needs, pay attention to the price to write clearly. For example, prepare to save as cheap as possible entry-level gaming platform or a few years not outdated mainstream gaming platform, you can choose the combination of 3A and cost-effective i5 and GTX 1660, respectively, it is best to replace the price of accessories also marked up in detail.



Many products will be listed during the promotion period, according to the principle of buying new not old, are they better? This is not an absolute Oh, so I recommend grabbing a list of existing similar products, pay attention to the screen size and other indicators on the flexible use of the “multi-select” function. 6.18 day and then compared with the newly listed goods, is the new goods better or existing goods after the discount better value for money, it will be clear.


Other products to prevent blind chopping way is also very similar, such as clothes, shoes and hats, what number, what color, high-top or quick-drying, etc., can have a list of needs first. Here must pay attention to, if it is the choice of girlfriend, partners must remember to remind a good in advance, buy after there is not suitable, return or exchange the case will never “can not” remember what they said.


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