Software recommendations: a different way to quickly call software

We usually invoke software using desktop shortcuts, or by selecting from the Start menu program list. Have you ever thought of a quicker way to launch a program or frequently used item? Let’s see how to use mouse gestures or shortcut key combinations to invoke software. Using SyMenu, a quick launcher with integrated mouse gestures, you can make quick gestures or key combinations to launch software.

The first time you run the software, select the preferred option. Select Advanced and the software menu will have two additional menu items, Search items and Tools (Figure 1). Select Base and these two items will not appear.


Once the software is running, calling out the software itself allows you to use mouse gestures. Simply hold down the right mouse button and swipe down to see the SyMenu interface (Figure 2).


If you cannot call out the software interface with this gesture, check that the Enable gesture manager option is checked in the Gesture section of the Options window of the software, and select the Mouse button as Right (Figure 3).


Tip: To avoid conflicts with browser gestures, it is best to define the SyMenu software interface using the mouse middle build (scroll wheel) with the arrow keys.

Next, we can define mouse gestures or shortcuts for the software. Select the “Tools→Configuration” command from the tray icon right-click menu, then enter the shortcut configuration window and drag various shortcuts such as software, bookmarks, folders, etc. from the desktop or folder to the “File” list window, then click the “gesture” button to specify mouse gestures, or press the shortcut key combination in the “Shortcut” box to specify keyboard shortcuts (Figure 4).


In addition, you can also add shortcut items by category through the Project Manager by adding them in groups. The categories that can be added are not only program links, but also file links, folder links, web links, shortcut commands, etc. By adding folders, tags, and dividers, you can categorize or delimit the above categories (Figure 5).


After completing the definition of the shortcut project as described above, you can launch the project with the defined mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut combination.

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