Software recommendation: a key to generate different website RSS feeds

In order to follow the content of your favorite websites, the most common method used to be to subscribe to an RSS feed so that it would be automatically pushed when the content was updated. But since RSS is no longer the mainstream way of reading, not all websites offer RSS feeds, so we have to find another way.

Adding RSS feeds to Site B

Station B is now a very famous secondary website in China, which provides a large number of the latest series for users to watch. However, there seems to be no good option to catch up with dramas other than to enter the site every day to refresh. So some people have created a subscription service based on the principle of RSS, so that users only need to subscribe to the relevant drama to quickly get its updated information.

We first open the B website and find the content of the drama we need to subscribe to, for example, we open here is “magical girl I”. Now pay attention to the content of the web page in the browser address bar, you will find a five-digit string at the end, now we will copy this string down. For example, the string corresponding to “magical girl I” is 23871 (Figure 1).


Next, open the RSSHub service ( through your browser, and click on the “bilibili” item on the left-hand side of the page, so that you can You will see the format of the feed link, (Figure 2).


The “seasonid” parameter refers to the string of information corresponding to the series, so we will change the subscription source link to Finally, we will open the subscription source link in the browser and click the “subscribe” button. Click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to the series (Figure 3).


Once a series is updated, the browser’s RSS function will detect it and alert the user to the update at the first time.

How to add a subscription feed to V2EX

V2EX is a very niche website in China, but it brings together all kinds of interesting topics. So some users are more concerned about the topics in the site, and the RSSHub service can also be used to subscribe to this site. Now click on the “Hottest/Newest Topics” item under “V2EX” on the left side of the page, and you don’t need to do any preparation work at all. (Figure 4). If you want to subscribe to the hottest theme, you only need to change the parameter in the subscription source link from “latest” to “hot”.


Tip: In addition to the two websites we are introducing today, there are many other websites to which the RSSHub service can subscribe, including Baidu Post, Sina Weibo, i.e., WeChat Public, NetEase Cloud Music, and so on. Users can follow the prompts of this service and subscribe after completing the creation of the subscription source link.

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