Software recommendation: a large number of PDF documents easy to manage

We usually work with more and more PDF documents, this format of documents and the general Office documents are different, no proprietary software tools can not be modified at will to edit. And when the PDF file information is very much, if you want to manage them effectively, the same need for proprietary software tools.

PDF files for rapid conversion

Speaking of document management, the most common operation encountered by users is to convert the file format, the same for PDF files. Now the mainstream office software has supported the conversion of document files to PDF files, but to convert PDF files into other formats of documents is very troublesome. Then you need to think of other ways to solve.

Smallpdf is a well-known online PDF document processing site, the use of its latest client software can be launched to solve the problem ( First of all, click the software in the main interface of the “Choose files” button, in the pop-up dialog box to select the need to manage PDF documents. Or directly in the Explorer to select the file to be managed by dragging the mouse to the software window for release, so that you can also complete the PDF file loading operation.

Next, click the upper right corner of the toolbar “Tools” button, so that a sidebar will pop up on the right side of the window, through which you can quickly manage the PDF file operation. For example, we need to convert the document into a Word document, then just click the sidebar “to word” button, so that the tool will immediately begin to convert operations (Figure 1).


The completed conversion file will automatically be stored in the same directory as the PDF file, and automatically open the editor to browse the completed Word file conversion (Figure 2).


Tip: If the size of the downloaded PDF file is relatively large, then you can use the “Compress” function to optimize the compression of this file.

Remove the hyperlinks in the PDF

It is because PDF is now very popular online, so many people began to play a bad idea, began to insert a number of advertising links in PDF documents. But these contents make people look very annoyed, so they want to remove these contents. Then how to quickly remove the PDF in the advertising links it?

First of all, install and run the “PDF Link Editor” tool (, and then still use the mouse to drag and drop the file added to the software window inside. Then the software will be scanned for hyperlinks in PDF documents, the completion of the scan will be displayed after the contents of these hyperlinks to the window list inside. Through the mouse in the list to select the list to delete the ad blocking, and then click the toolbar “Clear links” button (Figure 3). This will bring up a file save list box, select the folder directory where the modified file is stored. After this operation, the file not only removes the ad links, but also greatly compresses the file size.


Tip: If the user is afraid to delete the normal links during the operation, then you can also use the tool’s “Replace” function to replace the unwanted links in bulk.

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