A little data is not left behind, the old hard disk so the safest treatment

A lot of DIY pals who have been around for a bit should have a few unused or even damaged hard drives on hand. Some of the small capacity of the mobile hard drive is not enough, but do not dare to just throw, the personal images, private or commercial files inside in case they are recovered but trouble, non-professional data destruction software and we are not sure if it is reliable, what to do?


If you want to make it completely impossible to recover data, then choose physical destruction. First, disassemble the iron case to reveal the disc inside, the professional sector will next remove the disc and then throw it into a shredder-like device to completely shred it, we do not have this device, it is difficult to manually cut the thick metal disc into pieces. Then find some less troublesome ways, such as the three recently provided by Intel’s official microblogging.


The easiest way is to soak in dirty water, and the dirtier the better. Dirty water from shabu-shabu is the minimum, sludge water is better, and it is best to stir and rub it around a bit. This can cause some physical damage to the storage area, and a large area to destroy the cleanliness of the disk surface, large pieces of sludge embedded in the disk can make the head can not be read close to the disk surface, of course, can not recover, read the data.


Then “hardcore” point on the fire, because the magnetic unit encountered high temperature magnetic will change or even disappear, the recorded data will be completely lost. Note that the fire should be baked evenly, especially the more “inside” the disc must be baked to. In addition, you can also make a few radial scratches along the disc, paying attention to the direction of the scratch line. This can destroy the storage unit and storage structure, while metal chips and grooves also prevent the head from reading and writing close to the disc.



Finally, I add a trick, now many partners have a variety of strong magnets on hand, such as refrigerator stickers, Bucky balls, if you use them to walk along the surface of the disc a few times, to demagnetize the storage unit. As with the fire, try to evenly and comprehensively oh. In addition, you can also use the above methods to protect the privacy of your old hard drive.


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