Software recommendation: a small software idle host with up

Many people have unused old computer mainframes. If you want to make use of these devices, in addition to configure the keyboard and mouse and monitor separately not to mention, you also need to arrange the placement space for these devices. Many people are too much trouble and choose to give up. In fact, if it is not convenient to use a computer to deal with multiple tasks (such as downloading or monitoring), you can also use AnyDesk software, the idle host for remote management, no need to add a keyboard and mouse and monitor, only the original computer set of keys and mice and monitors, you can control the tasks of multiple computers as you wish.

Tip: AnyDesk is completely free for individuals. The software is also available for Mac, Linux, and Mobile, allowing for cross-platform control.

First, install AnyDesk software on your current computer and all idle hosts, and set the software to self-launch. Then run AnyDesk software on each computer and write down the AnyDesk address of each host; click the “Workstation password change” link to set the access password of each workstation and write down the access password together (Figure 1).


For free access at any time, you also need to click on the control menu in the upper right corner of the software, select the “Settings” command, enter the “Security” option page, and select the interactive access method as “Allow connection queries at any time”; select the remote access method as “Allow unsupervised access” (Figure 2).


In the “Default Permissions” setting page, you can select the items that are allowed to be accessed by this workstation according to the situation. Since you are controlling an idle computer in your own home, it is convenient to check all items (Figure 3).


If you want to achieve the best access, you also need to make the appropriate settings in the “Display” settings page. If the configuration of the old idle host is relatively low, which affects the access speed, you can select the access “quality” as “best response speed”; if the speed is not a problem, then use “balance between quality and speed If speed is not a problem, use “balance between quality and speed”. For the display mode, you can try to choose between three display modes, in order to achieve the display picture quality and the use of monitor size can be basically satisfied with the principle (Figure 4).


Finally, the host computer other than the master computer is turned on and placed in an idle corner to accept control, and the idle host computer can be accessed on the master computer with the set address and password. In this way, the master computer can not only access the resources in the idle host through its resource manager, but also manipulate and exchange information through the keyboard, mouse, clipboard and other tools. In addition, the idle host can be restarted remotely. All of this no longer requires the idle host to have its own keyboard, mouse and monitor to complete daily operations.


The “Recent Sessions” bookmark at the bottom of the software interface allows you to bookmark the addresses of other hosts you have visited, so that the next time you use it, you don’t have to enter the address, and you can connect and access it directly by clicking on the bookmarked address.

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