Software recommendation: a software to extract all icons

In the production of teaching presentation slides or other multimedia works, we often use some icons, in addition to drawing or searching on the Internet, in fact, there are many ready-made icons in the system. With the help of the Icon from File widget, you can extract all the icons contained in a file or even all the files in a folder.

1. Extract icons from various files

To extract the icons contained in a file, click the first button on the Icon from File toolbar to select the file and open it. Then, the icons contained in the file will be automatically displayed in the window (Figure 1).


Tip: The method of displaying the icons contained in the file can also be done by drag-and-drop operation. Drag and drop the file directly to the blank space in the Icon From File window, and the icons contained in the file will automatically appear in the window as well.

If you want to see both the size of an icon contained in a file, check the Show Selected Icon In Separate Window command in the Options menu to start the Separate Window, and you can see the effect of both size icons in a separate window after selecting an icon (Figure 2).


There are several ways to save icons. After selecting an icon in the icon list, press Ctrl+S to save the icon as an icon file. If a file contains multiple icons and you want to save all of them as one image, select the Save All as One Image command. If you want to save all the icons in the window as separate icon files, you can select the appropriate icon file format via the Save All menu. In addition, the icons can be saved in htm web page format, dbf database format, pdf e-book format or xlsx table format (Figure 3).


2. Eliminate all file icons in a folder

We can also extract all the icons contained in all the files in a folder at once. Click the Find files with icons inside button at the bottom right corner of the software window to expand the folder icon search window, locate the folder to be scanned in the directory tree on the left, check the Include subfolders option if you want to include subfolders as well; after the Minimum number of icons above After specifying the minimum number of icons in the file, the software automatically scans the files with no less than the specified number of icons, and the eligible files are listed in the right pane; then, click a file in the pane, and the icons contained in it will be displayed in the upper pane (Figure 4).


To save all the icon files in this folder, click the Disk button in the middle of the two panes in the lower section of the window.

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