Software recommendation: a software to read common format e-books

When it comes to e-book formats, we often think of PDF first. ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and other formats are also more common. Read a certain format of electronic documents, you need to support the format of the corresponding reader, but can eat a variety of formats of the above reader is not common. In fact, just a small portable software Sumatra PDF, you can easily read a variety of mainstream formats of e-books.

Sumatra PDF software both installation files, there is no need to install the portable package to run directly, the software for different versions of Windows systems, providing 32-bit and 64-bit versions, we can choose according to the current use of the system bits.

After running the software, you can see the exceptionally simple interface. In addition to the common buttons on the toolbar such as page flip and zoom, the main window only displays the Frequently Read (frequently read documents) title, the Open a document link, and the Hide frequently read (hide frequently read documents) link in the lower right corner (Figure 1).


Is this the only function of the software? No, it’s not. In fact, there is a wealth of functionality hidden in the simple software interface. Click on the inconspicuous folded icon button in the upper left corner of the software window to see the menu of functions expected of book reading software. Through the Settings menu, you can change the interface language to Chinese and perform basic and advanced settings of the software (Figure 2).


To read a book, click the Open File button and select it by category in the file open type selection list. As you can see, supported file formats include PDF, XPS, DjVu, various eBook formats, Comic Book format, Microsoft HTML compiled format, etc. (Figure 3).


In fact, the software also supports the reading of a wide range of images. See Figure 4 for a detailed list of supported file formats (Figure 4). If you are not sure whether the type of document you want to read can be opened in the software, simply select the file type as “All files” in the open file window, then select the book you want to read and try to open it.


After the book is opened, you can use the tool buttons or software menu commands to achieve practical operations such as page jumping, view transformation, page scaling, page collection, etc.

Extended reading.

If you install the Ghostscript plug-in, Sumatra PDF software will be able to support PostScript format files (.ps, .eps) to read.

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