Ways to Add a Date Stamp to a Photo Already Taken

Pictures are always a way of creating memories with people. The emergence of the digital camera, however, took away the need to date stamp photos because it looked physically outdated. Yet today, using photo and social apps like Snapchat makes date stamping important like before.

To date stamp your photos, this guide will show you a step-by-step process of using different methods. Before showing you the steps to do this, what exactly is a photo date stamp? A photo date stamp is a simple text that gives details of your image to the viewer.

It is a text watermarked into your photo. It shows the date you took a photo at the bottom right side of an image. A lot of people fancy adding date stamps to photos for different reasons. A reason is to identify when a photo was taken or when it was printed.

Some date stamp photos to compare the day photos were taken for business or project purposes. Many other people do it for legal reasons as an exhibit in a court of law. Whatever your reasons are, they are legitimate and fashionable.

How to Add a Photo Date Stamp?

To add a date stamp to your photos without hassle, keep reading. Through this guide, you’ll learn how you can add a date stamp with or without photo editing software. You will also learn how you can do it on a camera, a smartphone or a computer.

Activate the Date Stamp Feature on Your Camera

Many cameras allow you to set a photo date stamp before you capture an image. This feature is mostly found on compact cameras. You can also find it on advanced DSLR camera models.

Cameras like Sony RX100 V, Panasonic G9 mirrorless camera, Nikon D3500 DSLR camera, Panasonic ZS200 compact camera, Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless camera, and a few others have this feature.

The first step is to ensure that this setting is available on your camera. Then, set your camera to the current time of your location, especially if you’re on transit by bus, train, or air. You’ll need to click the label “time stamp”, “date stamp” or “text stamp” on your camera to activate this feature.

That is, while you may see “text stamp” on a camera like Panasonic ZS200, you’ll see “write date” on a camera like Sony RX100 V.


When this feature is activated, you’ll have the date sealed permanently on your picture. The text is most times in an orange color. By using a camera to add date, you won’t need to use software or any other manual ways to do it.

Add a Photo Date Stamp with Your Computer

If you have a camera that doesn’t let you add a photo date stamp; you can have control over your desires by using software on your computer or PC.

When you capture an image, the details are stored in EXIF data. EXIF data has a lot of information about your image. Depending on the software you use: some software automatically stamps the date to your image while some software allows you to do it manually.

Some of the apps for adding photo date stamps automatically are BatchPhoto and Pixillion Image Converter. These function effectively on both Mac OS and Windows although they’re paid for. The process for BatchPhoto is attached below:


To add a date stamp to your pictures manually, you can make use of or Polarr Photo Editor. While these may take time, they are also effective.

Add Photo Date Stamp Using a Smartphone

These days, smartphones are digital cameras for many people. They go for the smartphone with high photo quality. The magic their sensors make is a thrill and this is how they create different effects.

If you want a time stamp on your photos, you can do it manually or by using a third-party camera. By using specific software like Snapchat, you can set your camera to stamp the time and date the photo is taken on it.

However, if you don’t want to use Snapchat, there are alternatives. The first alternative is the PhotoStamp Camera. By reading the EXIF data of your pictures, the PhotoStamp Camera helps you keep the details of your photos on them.

By this, you get to enable the feature, adjust the font, size, color, stamp position, and every other setting you need to make. You can also keep a custom signature on the picture through the app.


When you take a picture, open the app and access your gallery through the app. At the top left of the photo, you’ll find the stamp icon. Tapping on it will stamp your image with the time you’ve set on it at the foot of your picture.

Date Stamp Your Photo through a Computer Editor

If you can’t afford to pay for either BatchPhoto or Pixillion Image Converter, you can use software like FastStone Image Viewer. This is software is available for Windows and as noted earlier, it uses the EXIF data to edit photos.

To make use of FastStone, find the image you want to date stamp. The software supports any image format, so you’ll find any kind of image, including RAW, on the software. When you locate the image, select it.

From the top menu, press “Tools” and click on the option labeled “Batch Convert Selected Images”. Press F3 after this and you’ll see a new window titled “Batch Image Convert/Rename”.

From this section, you’ll see the “Use Advanced Options” at the right foot of your screen from which you’ll click on the “Advanced Options button”. On another window, “Advanced Options” will pop up which is where you’ll see different editing options for your photo.

You’ll also see the option to add a text to your image and you can fix the text automatically by choosing the EXIF DataTime option. For this, click the “insert a variable” labelled button at the right of the text box.

You’ll see the EXIF DateTime option which shows you the setting choices of the time stamp. This editing process makes it faster than manually writing the date and time. Afterward, convert the image and close the window.


When you return to the Batch Image Convert / Rename window, output the folder and finally convert the image. This will help in keeping the original and edited photo.

Use Lightroom to add a Date Stamp

You may already know what a Lightroom is. Aside from Adobe Photoshop, many people consider it a favorite photo editing software.

In Lightroom, the date stamp is an export feature. On the file menu, press “File” and then the Export option. This will show a pop-up of options. At the left side of your export window, you’ll see the presets. On the right side of your screen, you’ll see the possible settings you can apply to your image.

To add a date, the Watermarking function of Lightroom will be used. While this is mostly used to add copyright, you can use it to add text to your image. Click on the Watermark box, the text “Simple Copyright Watermark” will appear on your screen, select the text and choose “edit watermarks” on the pop-up.

You will see the drop-down here. The watermark editor tool will also pop up. While you can’t pull image details from EXIF data as Lightroom doesn’t have the feature, you can enter the date in the textbox underneath the image.

Here, you can choose your desired size, font, location of the date, and color of the text. After fixing your settings, press “Save Current Settings as New Preset” and enter a new name for the new preset.


This feature will grant you easy access to the date stamp setting on your Lightroom in the future especially if you have a lot of images to date stamp. Once you’re done, return to the export window where you’ll see the final result of your image and save it.

Add a Date Stamp While Printing Your Photo

There are printers with software that has an automatic setting in adding a date stamp. The image date will be received from the EXIF data. You can choose the format of the date stamp according to your choice. It is the easiest means to add a date stamp to your image without much hassle.

However, you need to confirm if the printer has the feature in its setting. Also, activate the date on the printer so that the images that bear the date will be the exact date you want on them.

The Bottom Line:

Adding a date stamp on your photo is a way to keep track of the day and time you took the pictures. While pictures are important to keep the memory of events, adding a date stamp makes the activity more efficient.

There are many strategies to use in adding a date stamp to your photos. You can add the date stamp by activating the feature on your camera; by adding the feature with your computer; by using free computer software; by using the Lightroom software; and by dating your photo through the use of date stamp printers.

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