Add headers and footers to slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The footer is the area at the bottom of the slide, constructed by wayof placeholders that contain information that’s repeated on every slidein the presentation. The header or footer accepts information such ascustom text, dates and times, and the slide number. Headers and footerscan be applied to Notes and Handouts.The Notes and Handouts tab can be seenin the following screenshot, just to the right of the Slide tab.

  1. Open an existing presentation. For this example, we will use theSafest Solutions-Benefit.pptx presentation.
  2. Click on the Insert tab and selectHeader & Footer from the Text group.
  3. In the Header and Footer dialogbox, select the option that best suits your presentation:
ms office 400
  1. Select the Slide tab at the top ofthe dialog box to view the options to include on slides.
  2. Click on the Date and timecheckbox and choose whether to add a static fixed date or whether thiswill Update automatically (this optionwill update the date to the current date every time the presentation isopened).
  3. You can include a Slide number andalso a static Footer. This option islocated just under the Fixed dateoption.
  4. Sometimes, we may want to exclude a header from the title slide ofthe presentation. Select this option by clicking in the checkboxprovided to activate it.
  1. Please note that at the bottom of the dialog box, you can choosewhether to Apply changes to thecurrent slide or choose to Apply toAll to commit the changes to the entire presentation.  Also, notethat there is no header section on the Slides tab.
  2. The Notes and Handouts tabcontains many of the same options as the Slide tab but includes a Header section so that you can create astatic custom header for notes and handouts only.

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