Ways to Add Music to Video Online Free (Without Watermark)

I am sure you have heard the phrase “music to my ears” which means something pleasant to ears, well this is because of the vital role of music in our lives so adding music to our videos is surely a great way to express our mood, emotions and feelings. If speaking of business then the music videos can really take your business marketing to next level.

If you are thinking of including music to your video well then you are on the right place. Here we are going to provide information about the different online sites and/or software that can actually give a life to your videos by adding music to them. Some online softwares and the complete procedures to use those sites for adding music to your videos are listed below.

  • OnlineConverter
  • Kapwing
  • Voice2v
  • Addaudiotovideo
  • Videos are a great way of communication as it gives a personal effect to our message. Videos have the power to attract the audience as compared to any other media. It conveys full message in short time span.

    Why add music?

    Music has been used as a tool for engaging our emotions, feelings and moods. It has always been a source of arousing feeling in the human beings whether they are positive or negative. Music makes the video more interesting more engaging and gives the video a new dimension. Music helps to make a video full meaning. In the early days when there used to be mime plays the effort to develop the understanding was real. But with the idea of attaching music with video went viral and gave this industry a whole new dimension.

    Ears have a great role to send effective messages to brain through good music so what’s good to our ears is actually lays a good impact on mind. If you want to send it to your life partner by making an animation of the images and adding the song you want to dedicate it to your partner it will surely fill his/her heart with so many beautiful emotions.

    Businesses have also acquired so much advantage by starting video ads to grab more attention of the customers.

    Moreover these days on social media you want your video to be liked by everybody and want to get more and more likes, shares and guess what the only thing that adds magic to the video is music.

    Thinking of adding music to video for free? Do not worry we have covered up this issue for you. We understand the struggle of downloading the heavy softwares and the worries of viruses hidden with them that may crash your precious laptop. Plus watermark free videos is also a mania these days.  So here are these four wonderful free sites with no watermark and we have also described the procedures only for the convenience of our readers:

    No.1 OnlineConverter

    Onlineconverter is an online tool providing converting facilities whether it’s an audio, video or different units. It gives ease of converting videos to wide range formats. So this is the place where you may convert the video format, edit it or add the music or any other audio without watermark. It is a convenient, watermark free and user friendly tool. The main services it provides are:

    • Video format conversion(includes video editing services and addition of audios to videos)
    • Audio format conversion (includes all audio editing services)
    • Image format conversion (includes all image editing services)
    • Unit conversion

    For your ease, here is the link to this website

    Main steps to add the music to your favorite video:

  • Visit the website
  • Choose Video converter option
  • Choose add audio to video
  • Step#1 Select the “Video Converter” option


    Step#2 Select “Add Audio to Video” option

    Select the above mentioned option or just click on this link:


    Step#3 Choose video file and audio file from your PC and then click add


    Step#4(Final Step) Download

    Click on “download now” to download the edited video to your PC.


    Privacy: Apart from adding audio to video this tool also provides the facility to delete the uploaded video from their server. Just click on the Delete and Oh my goodness! Your private video remains private.


    No.2 Kapwing

    Video editing has been made easy and fast by this handy software. Through this software the editing service is now can be done on any laptop by sitting anywhere in the world. It provides cloud storage facility.          Just hit this link to get started.

    The perks of using this site includes

    • Ads free
    • Free of cost
    • No watermark
    • Powerful tool
    • Spam free

    Main steps to add music to video:

  • Upload video
  • Upload audio
  • Click export
  • To get watermark free video sign in.
  • Step#1 Get Started

    Visit this link and click “Get Started”.

    The following window will appear.


    Step#2 Upload Video

    Click on “Add Media to Upload” to upload the video.

    It provides clear options to select the video and/or audio from google drive and google photos.


    The following window will appear just click “click to upload” to upload the video from you PC.


    Step#3 Click the option “Audio


    Step#4 Upload Audio

    Click on “Click to upload audio” option. Select any audio file that you want to add to your video. It can be a recorded file or any song or tune.


    Step#5 Export Video

    Hit the “Export Video” option to export video to your storage device.


    So here is a catch, you will have to sign in to get the watermark free video. It’s just a simple sign in to get what u want.

    Step#6 Click “Sign in to remove the watermark


    Step#7 Sign in

    Sign in by continuing with Google or Facebook account.

    If you will select google then you would have to choose the account you want to log in with.


    Step#8 (Final Step) Download video

    Click on “Download” option from the sidebar. And viola! it is done.


    No.3 Voice2v

    It is a complete video editing app. It adds images, texts audios to videos. Voice2v, as the name suggests that it can make any audio file into video by attaching images. Following services are provides by this site:

    • Image to video conversion
    • Audio to video
    • Video to GIF
    • Slideshow
    • Collage slideshow
    • Water effects
    • Convert Text to video
    • Add music to video
    • Add text to video
    • Add logo
    • 3D tarsnsition
    • Trim video
    • Trim Audio

    Link to the website:

    Step#1 Choose “Add music to video” option


    Step#2 Upload video

    Click on “Upload your video” to add the video.


    Step#3 Upload Audio

    Click on “Upload your Audio file” to upload the audio file from your device.


    Step#4 Click “Add the audio to your video now


    Wait few minutes to let your desired file to get ready.

    Step#5(Final Step) Download

    To download the edited video on your desktop click on “Download the video”.


    No.4 Addaudiotovideo

    Here you can add audio or music to video without watermark but here is glitch, it only supports Mp3 audio files. It supports only avi, mp4, mov, wmv video formats. But it automatically deletes the files after few hours form its server to keep the users privacy. So your data is in safe hands. It works on almost all web browsers. So your music video is just a few clicks away.

    To visit this site just click this link

    Step#1 Select Video                                           

    Click on “Browse” under the “Select video file” option.


    Step#2 Select Audio

    Click on “Browse” under the “Select MP3audio file”.


    Step#3 Upload

    Click “Upload” to upload the audio and video files on the site.


    Step#4(Final Step) Download the file

    Click on “Download File” to download the file to your laptop.


    Step#5(Optional) Delete from server

    Click on “Delete file now” option to delete the files from the server of the site. It will help to keep your personal data private.


    Bottom Line

    Since the availability of internet has provided the ability to do work online and thus we can edit our videos online just on the go by using online tools. I hope you got the solution to your problem as it is our aim to provide best solutions and bring you comfort and ease. We have covered four online video editing tools for adding music to videos and these are: Onlineconverter, kapwing, voice2v and addaudiotovideo. Though some softwares come with some sort of restrictions but we have two very good options Onlineconverter and Kapwing. Addaudiotovideo has restrictions of file sizes and formats. But all the above mentioned tools cover the issue of watermarking. So it is a win-win. Now you can freely send music added videos to your loved ones and for small business advertisements.

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