Office hacks: icing on the cake: add subtitles to PPT embedded video

Usually when we make PPT documents, besides adding pictures, text and other information, sometimes we also embed videos for a more vivid presentation. However, some videos themselves are not accompanied by subtitles, which may cause difficulties to the audience’s understanding. When we encounter this situation, we can add subtitles to the video in PPT by ourselves through some tools, so as to more clearly express the meaning that the video is intended to convey.

Install subtitle editing plug-in

If you want to add subtitles to the video in PPT, you can’t do it only through the function that comes with PowerPoint (this article takes 2016 version as an example), you need to install a functional plug-in called STAMP ( After installation, restart the PowerPoint software, then click the “File” tab in the upper left corner of the interface, and select the “Options” command in the pop-up menu. Then click the “Add-ins” tab in the left list of the options window, and then see if there is a “STAMP Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint” option in the right window list, if so This means that the add-in has been successfully installed (Figure 1).


Activate subtitle editing management

Now we return to the interface of PowerPoint software and click the “Video” button in the “Insert” tab. Select the “Video on PC” command in the pop-up menu, and select a video file that needs to add subtitle information in the pop-up dialog box. After the video is successfully added to the interface, drag and drop the border of the video file to make it resize to the user’s satisfaction. Next, click the “Play” tab and select the “Create Captions” button in the “Add Captions” menu in the pop-up interface. Then in the pop-up dialog box, you can add the captions information settings.

Add the required captions text

We can see that the pop-up window is divided into two parts, the top part is the preview window for playing the video file, and the bottom part is the window for editing the caption information. Firstly, we click the “Play” button in the preview window and pause it when it reaches the position where we want to add the subtitle information. Next, click the green plus button in the upper left corner of the subtitle editing window, and we can see that the current pause position has been automatically set to the starting position of this subtitle message. We will continue to pause this subtitle message at the time it disappears by clicking the “Play” button in the preview window. Then click on the “Set the caption end time” button in the caption editing window, which will be set to the end time of this caption.


Once the start time and end time of the caption are set, the corresponding caption information can be set in the “Caption text” input box (Figure 2). Then you can set the font, size, color and related parameters of the caption text by using the commands in the toolbar. Next, add other subtitle information in a similar way, and click the “Create” button to return to the PowerPoint interface for previewing after the settings are completed. At this point we will find that the subtitle information we set will appear in the lower left corner of the video file and will be displayed one by one according to the designed time point (Figure 3).


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