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Adding Typography to videos is one of the most professional ways to convey your message to the target audience. Undoubtedly, the visuals have a long-lasting impact on the viewer’s mind as well, but the Typography aspect typically engages the audience and provides a worthwhile experience to viewers. Adding text to videos also comes in handy when the viewers need to comprehend information in a rather noisy environment.

In this era of innovation and technology, most videos on the web accompany strong content or typography to gain the viewer’s attention. While videos with text are prevalent on Facebook, they are becoming a new trend quickly on YouTube too.

There are numerous innovative ways text can work along with the visual aspects. Conveying data essential for understanding the video to the watcher exclusively through pictures is frequently troublesome, which is why typography content is utilized to enhance and improve the correspondence between the creator of the video and the target audience. Opening and closing credits, captions, and text overlays play an important role in this aspect.

In this blog, we will be providing a comprehensive insight into some of the most convenient solutions and tools that can assist you in adding typography to your videos effectively.

So, let’s begin already!

Solution 1: Adobe After Effects

Created by Adobe Systems, Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and visual effects application essentially utilized in creating visually stunning after-effects for videos. Adobe After Effects provides customization ability with text movement and is utilized by a wide community of video-editing experts.


Here is a list of the core advantages Adobe After Effects offers:

  • Adobe enables clients to replicate properties and content from various Adobe applications. If you are already an Adobe Creative Suite user, this comes as an additional benefit since you can easily switch between tools like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop without any hassle.
  • You can effortlessly modify the properties of the entire content layer or even individual characters. Changes can include different aspects like size, the position of the text, and tone.
  • Adobe After Effects offers some commercial options such as to purchase premium After Effects features. This can be a convenient choice for clients who are prepared to invest resources into text innovation.

Adobe essentially offers a free 7-day trial for After Effects, following which the pricing begins at $20.99/month.

Solution 2: Camtasia – Create Your Tutorials and Product Demos Easily

TechSmith’s Camtasia is an awesome software suite employed for creating demos and tutorials. Camtasia permits clients to edit videos easily and apply innovative customizations through its built-in drag and drop editor.


Some core features that Camtasia brings to the table are as follows:

  • Camtasia’s speech-to-text feature is an aspect that will undoubtedly grab your attention as it creates text subtitles from audio speech and ultimately facilitates you in adding those text subtitles as captions in videos. This necessarily makes adding typography an easy-to-achieve task.
  • Features like adding annotations, titles, and text boxes are essentially a click away with Camtasia.

Camtasia’s pricing begins at a one-time fee of $249.00 and there is no free version available for the software.

Solution 3: Cameo- Impressive Text, Filter, and Audio Options

Another popular and advanced video editing application used to add typography to videos is Cameo. Cameo offers a wide variety of content, channel, and sound editing options. Cameo is the “all-in-one” package for beginner-level video makers.


The best part is that the application is completely free, however, it only supports the iOS Platform and can work with iPhones, iPads, and iPod contacts. Another convincing factor is that you don’t need to take care of managing irritating pop-ups that show up in numerous free video editing applications. To sum things up, Cameo is one of the best options available today for editing videos and adding text to them.

Cameo essentially improves the process of typography and video altering and makes it extremely easy and hassle-free. With a wide variety of options accessible on Cameo, users have a lot to accomplish much through this app.

Solution 4: Kapwing- It’s All You Need


With Kapwing’s easy-to-use video editor, users have the feasibility to add typography, watermarks, labels, captions, and much more to videos and photos alike. You can simply paste the video URL or upload the video and then, add the text of your choice to it. The procedure is as simple as clicking the “Edit Text” button on the tool. You can also manage and format the size and style of the content and even add additional textures.

The pricing for Kapwing is free, however, there are premium paid options available as well that come with additional features.

Solution 5: Typito


Typito is yet another powerful application utilized for adding text to videos. The application has a free version available with video duration restrictions. However, paid options are also available starting from $25/month that offer additional features. Embedding typography to videos with Typito is very straightforward. With the drag and drop tool, inserting captions and text into your videos becomes an easy task.

Solution 6: Adobe Spark- A Powerful Tool

Like all Adobe’s product items, Adobe Spark offers amazing video and pictures altering choices. To begin utilizing this free online tool, you initially need to sign in to your Adobe account. Next, you need to choose a format like Promo Video or Explainer video.


Even though you can add text to videos, Adobe Spark does not permit you to pick a textual style, modify the size of the content or change its tone. The maximum span of a video cut is restricted to fifteen seconds, implying that you can’t work with natural clasps that outperform this imprint. Nonetheless, Adobe Spark is an ideal choice for adding text to pictures that you need to share via online media because it offers simple-to-utilize highlights that empower even novice editors to deliver outstanding edited videos in a couple of attempts.

Solution 7: Movie Maker Online

Embedding text in videos with MovieMakerOnline is a pretty straightforward and interesting procedure. You need to select the video, upload it and afterward embed the content into the “Type here” textbox. This free online tool allows you to choose when the content shows up in the video, how long it will be on screen, and when exactly will it disappear. Moreover, you can change the arrangement settings or the size of the content.


MovieMakerOnline has a rich combination of textual styles so you have the option of picking the style that you desire for your video. Once you’ve added content to your video, you simply need to click the “Make Video” button. However, you won’t have the feasibility to save it, if its length surpasses the one-minute imprint. Despite this restriction, MovieMakerOnline is a standout choice amongst other online applications for adding text to videos and additionally allows you to perform essential video-altering activities.

Solution 8: Filmora- The Ultimate Game Changer


Filmora is another free application that is simple and easy to utilize; even amateurs can alter videos and add typography in a matter of seconds. With Filmora, you can imply advanced text editing with minimal effort and manage the color, font, and size of your text and captions. You also have the option to animate your text in different ways. Filmora is available as a free download for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Solution 9: Vont – TypoGraphy on Videos


Vont is a free multi-platform (android and iOS) mobile application designed with the sole purpose of facilitating users to add text on videos. Vont allows you to utilize around 400 different fonts for your typography. Moreover, it provides the capability to modify numerous text properties for your added text such as text gradient, text’s stroke color, text’s background color, and most importantly the size of the text. With Vont, you can also control the line spacing between the text and install additional fonts to the application if required.


Typography is certainly one of the most crucial aspects to focus upon in videos to effectively deliver the video’s message and capture the viewer’s attention. In this blog, we have presented an overview of some of the top options available in the marketplace that assist you in adding useful text to your videos and leave a remarkable impact on your viewers.

All of the above apps offer powerful video editing features and some even take it to the next level by offering a wide variety of extra features related to text addition in videos. We really hope that this guide will assist you in making the right choice for your video editing tasks!

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