Top Apps to Add Watermark Text or Logo to Video on Mac and Windows PC

Watermarks are a common way to protect your content and prevent people from stealing your ideas.

A watermark can be in multiple forms- an image, logo, or text. Watermarks can be added in any part of the video or throughout the video as per the creator’s requirements. They keep the identity of the creator or brand intact. 

Read on if you’re curious why watermark videos!

Watermarks are added to video content to serve as a security measure against illegal exploitation and distribution. Watermarks do not prevent video copying or sharing, but they make it easier for you, your viewers, and the authorities to identify unauthorized use.

A watermark increases the visibility of your content.

Watermarks offer plenty of benefits, so how do you apply them?

This article contains top apps to add watermark text or logo to video on Mac and Windows PC.

Solution 1: VISUAL WATERMARK (Mac/Windows)

If you remain constantly time bound and needs quick and simple watermark editor, this might be the simplest solution for you.


Because VISUAL WATERMARK is one of the most easy-to-use apps that also has terrific speed. It is an offline app, compatible with people who travel a lot and can’t find the internet all the time.

There are 260 fonts to choose from, for the text to add to your videos. Also, there are options for changing the size, making the text transparent, or making it more prominent on the video. This app supports the Adobe Typekit and Mono font subscriptions.

You can save the watermark templates for later use so you don’t need to create them every time.

And if you’re a small business owner, who would like to keep things their way, then there are 60 built-in logos to choose from for your brand or add extra if you already have one.

But the best part about the VISUAL WATERMARK is that it can add 100 watermarks in 1 minute.


That is quite an impressive speed. But not only that, but it also offers a 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee.

How to add a watermark using VISUAL WATERMARK?

  • Drag the entire folder of videos or images to the app drag box.
  • Add or create a brand-new template.
  • Place the watermark on the video.
  • Specify the output settings.
  • Save the video.

These were quick steps for adding a watermark or logo to your video with the help of the VISUAL WATERMARK app. it is a fine app for a quick watermark addition even with no internet connection.

Solution 2: uMark Video Watermarker (Mac/Windows)

The most impressive attraction of the uMark Video watermark app is the time it saves for its users. The simplicity and speed of adding a watermark to your videos are amazing.

For adding watermark to your images, it can process them in batches. But that’s for another article.

You can add the name or logo on your images with various symbols to stamp your authority over your photos.

Additionally, you can add shapes and QR codes to your videos. Color and gradient can be applied to watermark shapes to make them usable.

You can fully customize the watermark before the final addition. Also, the preview option is available to check the image so that you don’t get any unexpected results after the final editing.

After creating a watermark, you can save it for later use. Perfect for preserving efforts and energy for the future.


How to add a watermark to your videos with the help of uMark?

  • Click on add video button and select the photos.
  • Add watermark from the “add text” watermark option.
  • Type the watermark text.
  • Set the watermark text settings.
  • Preview the video.
  • At last, save your watermarked video.

These are the few simple steps to add a watermark to your video with the help of uMark.

Solution 3: Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021

An intuitive video-editing app. Using Movavi is simple, and it runs quickly on most systems.

There are several tools in the app for enhancing video and audio. For creators who require fast processing of videos, this app is better than 90% of the app available for editing. I loved this app and its user interface.

With the help of Movavi watermark text and watermark logos, both can be added to the videos. Watermark can be placed anywhere on the video and in any time frame as required.

In addition, Movavi gives you the option of sharing your creativity online.

The app’s interface is so refined that a beginner can use it with no previous experience. As soon as you open the app, a cool UI is ready to welcome and work for you. All the features of the app will be at your fingertips. There is nothing a user had to hassle searching within the multiple layers of the tabs and menu column, unlike another video editing app.

By looking at their editing screens, most professional apps have an extremely complex interface. It takes time to become familiar with these apps’ basic functions.

Movavi saves you from all the unnecessary efforts and increases your working speed. It consists of all the tools necessary for fast editing.


How to add a watermark with the Movavi app in your videos?

  • Add your clip to the program
  • Add your text to the video
  • Save the result

These three simple steps are enough to add a watermark to your videos through Movavi.

Movavi offers a wide selection of transitions to pace between the clips. The video editing tool is the simplest you can find in the market. It’s an ideal tool for someone looking for a quick and reliable video watermark editor.

Solution 4:Filmora

“Hit play on your imagination,”

This tagline on Filmora’s website is enough to make you a fan of this amazing video editing app. 

It is not only an amazing option for video editors but also a simple and elegant watermark editor. The UI of Filmora is quite impressive. You can smoothly glide through its features while learning about its functions and tools.

Editors can easily import and organize media and files to use them in their videos. Creating and editing is a simple task on Filmora that leads to exceptional last films. It offers many advanced features and is one of the premium video editors out there.

Motion tracking, split-screen, and a lot of advanced editing benefits are crammed inside this app.

Filmora has powerful technology behind its app that shapes the current generation of creators by storytelling. It has a wonderful intuitive system for creating innovative videos and photos that help you share your ideas with the world in the best manner possible.


How to add a watermark to your videos on Filmora?

  • Add the video in the Filmora app
  • Go to the text option and click on “add text”.
  • Save the video.

These easy steps will help you add a watermark to your videos on Filmora.

It is useful for not only adding watermark but for adding creativity and innovation that will help you keep a step ahead of everyone else.

Solution 5: Format Factory

Format Factory is a free, well-featured multimedia converter that enables you to convert audio, video, and image files among popular formats.

Rather than relying on slow online tools, converting files doesn’t require the download of multiple programs. Creating professional-looking files is easy with Format Factory.

Format Factory makes batch conversion easy. To begin, select the desired format from the left-hand menu. Format Factory converts videos, audio files, image files, and eBooks and rips media from CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

The tool is completely free and can do a lot more besides watermarking.


How to add watermark using Format Factory?

  • Select the appropriate video format in Format Factory.
  • In the top-right corner of the window, drag and drop the video.
  • The next step is to change the rendering settings to those you prefer.
  • Add a watermark by clicking the Add Watermark button.
  • Click the Start button when you have finished setting your watermark. Format Factory will then handle the rest.

As part of Format Factory’s ‘Utilities’, users can rename batch files, rename audio files, and rename video files. It is useful to Combine audio files in a mix and add a new audio stream to a video – extremely handy if you want background music for a clip.


In an era where content is constantly being reposted and shared online, videos with watermarks help to identify the creators and owners.

Not only do the apps listed in this article provide watermarks, but they also are high-quality video editors.

The current creator’s economy is dominated by video content. The demand for premium quality content is high, but the supply is limited. A watermark can ensure you don’t end up with the same image as someone else. Watermarking your videos is the recommended method to protect them from unauthorized and unwanted use.

The apps mentioned in this video are top apps for adding watermark to your videos on Windows or Mac PC.

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