Adding a macro to the QAT in Microsoft Excel 2019

  1. Click on the Customize the Quick AccessToolbar arrow at the end of the QAT.
  2. Select More Commands… from thedrop-down list:
ms office 139
  1. In the Excel options dialog box, click on the drop-down list to theright of Popular Commands.
  2. Locate the PrintSettings macro from the list provided onthe left, then click on Add>> toplace the macro on the QAT:
ms office 403
  1. Click on Modify… at the bottomof the dialog box to edit the macro.
  2. Change the macro’s name and the icon so that it is easier toidentify on the QAT. For this example, we will use the printer icon anda PRINT MACRO name:
ms office 769
  1. Click on OK to add the icon to theQAT:
ms office 824

We have learned how to add a recorded macro to the QAT for easyaccess. Now, we will go through the steps to create a new tab and thenadd the macro to the ribbon.

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