Adding and modifying legacy form controls in Microsoft Word 2019

If you want to create greater protection in terms ofrestricting users so that they can only access certain parts of the formor be guided only from one content control to the next, then legacy formcontrols are the way to go. Let’s take a look:

  1. In a new, blank document, type in the following text, exactly asit’s shown here:
ms office 344
  1. Save the form as SampleForm.docx.
  2. Click the Name: text and use theLegacy Forms icon to insert the textfield from the Developer tab:
ms office 237
  1. Do the same for Surname:field.
  2. Click after Age: and insert adrop-down field.
  3. Click after School House andinsert another drop-down field.
  4. After u/16 High Jump, insert acheckbox field.
  5. Do the same for each of the other events.
  6. Your form should look similar to the following example:
ms office 664
  1. To investigate properties for each of the fields you have inserted,simply double-click to access the dialog box on the field you would liketo edit. Fields are displayed with gray fill shading once they’ve beeninserted into the document. For instance, the School House drop-down field needs to listthe sports houses within the school.
  2. To list the options so that the user can select an answer,double-click on the gray field you inserted next to School House:. Then, in the dialog box thatappears, type Ruby into thetext area at the top left and click on Add>>.
  3. The text Ruby appears in the Items in the drop-down list area. Repeatthis until you have entered all three houses into the list. If youprefer to have a generic item at the top of the list instead of one ofthe required answers, add an item called Click to select an answer and move it to thetop of the list using the Move arrowsto the right:
ms office 79
  1. Click on OK to confirm.
  2. Complete the form field options by double-clicking them, makingchanges, and saving.
  1. The form should look similar to the following:
ms office 808

Your form is now complete and ready to be protected so thatusers cannot edit the actual text on the form and onlyanswer the questions.

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