Adding existing fields to a form in Microsoft Access 2019

If you have created a form and left out an important field when usingthe wizard, it is possible to add the field to the form after the formis created, as follows:

  1. Open StudentsFrm in Layoutview. You can add fields in Designview, but it is much easier to see the changes when using Layout view.
  2. Click on the Design tab in theForm Layout Tools contextual menu andthen locate the Tools group.
  3. Click on the Add Existing Fieldsicon. A Field List box will display tothe right-hand side of the database window.
  4. Before we add the new field to the form, we should place our formcontrols in the Stacked mode so thatwhile we are adding the new field, it will slot into place without ushaving to separate the label and field by trying to line it up toexisting fields on the form. Select all the fields on the form byholding down the Shift key and selecting each field on theform, then go to Arrange | Stacked.
  1. Double-click on the field you would like to add to the form from theField List pane. You can also usealternative methods, such as right-clicking on the field andchoosing Add Field to View or simplydragging the field to the form yourself by holding down the left mousebutton. The following screenshot shows you how to do the dragmethod:
ms office 100
  1. The new field will be placed at the top of the form. You then needto drag it into position using your mouse. Note that a field has twoparts—the label, and the field. The label is the column header and thefield is the actual data contained in the column for a particularrow. 

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