Adding items to the status bar in Microsoft Word 2019

The status bar is located at the bottom of the Office 2019environment. It displays information about the current file you areworking on and provides quick access to some tasks. Right-clicking onthe statusbar provides you with a shortcut menu to makechanges to it. You can add or remove items from the statusbar:

ms office 338

A tick to the left of an option identifies that it is alreadyactive. When we say active throughout this book, we meanalreadyselected, visible, or selected. To addor remove an item from the status bar, simply click on the desiredoption in the shortcut menu:

ms office 760

Average, Count, and Sum are the default functions that reside onthe status bar. They provide a result when selecting values on aworksheet in Excel 2019. To change how these values arecalculated, right-click on them and select another function to perform.If you highlight a range of numerical values on a worksheet, Excel willdisplay the count, sum, and average of those values on the status bar.

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