Adding section breaks in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to add section breaks:

  1. Click into the document where the section break is required. I havecontinued using the same file from the previous section.
  2. Insert the type of section break required into the document.
  3. Here, the second page will be changed to landscape orientation. Wehave inserted a Next Page sectionbreak at the end of the first page (to show where thechange must start) and at the end of the second page (to show where thechange must end):
ms office 252
  1. Let’s replicate these by inserting NextPage section breaks into the document to create a landscape pagein the middle of the document.
  2. Click before the text ExistingEmployees.
  3. Visit the Layout tab and selectBreaks from the list.
  4. Choose Next Page section break toinsert a break before the text ExistingEmployees.
  5. Move to the end of the paragraph, before the text What You Need to Know.
  6. Insert another Next Page sectionbreak at the end of the paragraph.
  7. Make sure your mouse pointer is clicked into the text of the pagebeginning with ExistingEmployees.
  8. Click on the Layout tab and chooseOrientation.
  9. Choose Landscape from the listprovided.
  10. The page will turn into a landscape page with portrait pages oneither side. 
Note that this is just one example of how section breaks cantransform your documents. The NextPage section break is really great when you need to add acomplex table in the middle of a Word document.

To delete the section breaks, click on the non-printing symbols (Show/Hide icon) icon on the Paragraph group, which is located on theHome tab. Alternatively, changethe document view to Draft viewand click to place the cursor on the section break line in the document.Then, press Delete on the keyboard.

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