Adding the macro to the ribbon tab in Microsoft Excel 2019

Tabs and groups in Excel are full of exciting icons to format andmanipulate features within workbooks. We will learn how to create a newtab called Macros, then add anyrecorded macros to this new tab.

You can create your own tabs and groups on the Excel 2019 interface.You may want to create a tab with groups of icons that are relevant toyour business or specific calculations, or for formatting specificfeatures—in this case, we are creating a new tab to house our macros.Existing tabs and groups cannot be edited and appear grayed out whileworking in the customize menu:

  1. Go to File| Options.
  2. Choose CustomizeRibbon from the leftmost side of the tab.
  3. Under the Choose commandsfrom: heading, select Macros to see a list of themacros used in Excel. On the right, under the Customize the Ribbon: heading,select All Tabs fromthe drop-down list—this displays a list of all the default tabs that arealready on the ribbon.
  4. To add a new tab after the Viewtab on the ribbon, click on View.
  5. Click on the NewTab icon and the new tab displays on the ribbon.
  6. Click on the Rename… icon to give the tab aname. I used Macros as the new tab name.
  7. Click on the New Group(Custom) text, located underneath Macros.
  8. Click to select Rename….
  9. Give the group a name and choose a display icon (for this example,we used Print for the group name and aprinter icon).
  10. Now, all we need to do is add the icons we want to see onthe Print groupof Macros.
  11. Click on the Print group to add commands.
  12. To the left of the dialog box, select the macro called Print Settings to add to the Print group. Click Add>> to include the commandto the Print group.
  13. Click on Rename… to change themacro’s name and icon, if applicable. We will call our macro PrintSettings and add a printer as the icon:
ms office 796
  1. Click on OK to confirm yourchoices, then OK again to exit theExcel options dialog box.
  2. Click on the Macros tab on the ribbon to makesure the commands update on the group. If, at any time, you need toremove a tab or group, simply click on the item on the Customize the Ribbon dialog andclick on <<Remove.

The Macros tab is visible in thegroup and the Print Settings macro isassigned:

ms office 675

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