Adjusting breaks in the worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2019

  1. Make sure you are viewing the worksheet in Page Break view by clicking on the View tab.
  2. Choose Page Break Preview from theWorkbook Views group.
  3. Place the mouse pointer on the blue dashed lines that appearhorizontally or vertically in the worksheet—the blue dashed linesindicate the automatic page breaks in the worksheet.
  4. Drag the blue dashed line to a new position on the worksheet.
  5. Once you have moved the dashed line, it will change to a solid blueline, indicating that you have forced a break in the worksheet—this is amanual page break, and can be seen in the following screenshot:
ms office 568

Now that you know how to view and adjust page breaks on a worksheet,let’s learn how to manually insert and reset them in the next topic.

To reset all page breaks, make sure you are in Normal view or Page Break Preview. Go to Page Layout | Page Setup | Breaks | Reset AllPage Breaks.

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