Adjusting playback options in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Video playback options are located on the Playback tab. Make sure you have clicked onthe video on Slide 3 before you do any of the followingtasks:

  1. To start the video with a mouse click when clicking on the videoicon, select When Clicked On from theStart: option:
ms office 749
  1. To start the video automatically when the slide is displayed on thescreen, click on Automatically.
  2. In Click Sequence means that thevideo will play in the order it appears among all the other animatedelements on the slide.
  3. To hide the video icon so that it does not show on the slide showwhile you’re waiting for the video to play, click on Hide While Not Playing:
ms office 229
  1. Be careful of this option if you have the Start: option set to On Click. This is because you won’t see theicon and be able to click on it to play the video. Only usethis option for automatic playback.
  2. To play a video continuously in a presentation, click the Loop until Stopped checkbox. This is greatto use if you’re presenting at a show and the presentation must keep onplaying for many visitors walking by a marketing stand, forinstance.
  1. The Rewind after Playing optionswill set the video to the start position once it’s finishedplaying.
  2. The Play Full Screen checkbox willplay the video over the entire slide when it’s playing.
  3. The Volume setting allows you toadjust the sound level, as well as mute the video.
  4. The audio playback options are very similar to the video playbackoptions.

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