Aligning objects to the top in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Follow these steps to align objects to the top:

  1. Open the presentation called SafestSolution-Align.pptx.
  2. Select the objects to align while holding down the Shift orCtrl key. You can also use the Select Objects option, located in the Home tab, located on the Editing group.
  3. Click on the Align drop-down list,which is located in the Arrange group:
ms office 23
  1. For this example, we will align the objects to the top.
  2. Once the objects have been aligned to the top, you will notice thatthe gaps between each object are of different sizes. The Distribute Horizontally icon from the Align drop-down list is perfect for fixingthis:

ms office 71

  1. Note the change in the distribution of the shapes. If you are havingproblems lining up objects, use the ViewGridlines icon to guide you.

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