Animating a 3D model in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Once a 3D model element has been added to a slide, you can animatethe model using the default animations available, or select from the 3Dcube animation options:

  1. Make sure the 3D model is selected.
  2. Click on the Animations tab.
  1. Notice that the Animation groupnow offers five new 3D model animation types, as highlighted by thenotification in the following screenshot:
ms office 278
  1. These new types are in addition to the standard animations. Includedfor each new 3D model animation type is the new Effect Options feature for each animationtype, which you can certainly have a lot of fun with!
  2. Experiment with these new animation types, and apply any timing oreffect options.
  3. Let’s finish this off with a Motion Effect animation—clickon the 3D model of the bee, then visit the Animation group and select More Motion Paths.
  4. Select a motion path of your choice to apply to the bee as a secondanimation, so as to create movement. Experiment with moving the endpointof the animation to land in the center of the flower. This process canbe seen in the following screenshot:
ms office 247
  1. Preview the animation and save the presentation when complete.

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