Software recommendation: another way to play Windows games on Linux

Many games are only available for Windows, so if you want to play them on Linux or Apple systems, you need to install a virtual machine. Steam Play, which is now available on the Steam game platform, is somewhat similar to a virtual machine in that it can run Windows games directly on the Linux platform, and is more resource efficient than other virtual machines, allowing for a smooth return even on less configured computers.

Trivia: How Steam Play works

The principle of Steam Play is similar. Similar in principle, it uses Proton-compatible tools based on Wine modifications, optimized specifically for game enhancement. Compared to regular Wine, Steam Play has dramatically improved performance for multi-threaded games, thus running large Windows games more smoothly on Linux.

Let’s first go to https://www.ubuntukylin.com下载优麒麟系统并且安装到本地硬盘, launch Firefox after entering UQ system, open, and click “Install Steam Now” at the top of the page (Figure 1). ” (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Client download and installation page

The downloaded file is a Deb executable file, you can open the download directory and select the downloaded file, right click and select “Open as”, then select “Ubuntu kylin Software Center” to open it, and click “Install” in the opened window. Click on “Install” in the window that opens, and then you can install the downloaded Deb file (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Installer

After installing the Steam client, type “Steam” directly into the Start menu to launch the client. After the client is launched for the first time, it will be automatically upgraded online. After the upgrade is completed, click “Add game→Browse Steam Store to download game”, and add your favorite Windows game in the opened game store (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Add a game

After you select your favorite game and click “Play Now”, the game will be automatically downloaded and installed on your system, and you can open it in the Steam client after installation. The operation of the game is the same as under Windows, but the game is now running under UQilin, which is more resource efficient than under Windows (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Play the game under Ukiyo

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