Anytime Mailbox Review: The Most Feasible Way to Deliver and Receive Snail Mail?

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Effectiveness: 5 OUT OF 5

You can receive, respond, and recycle your mail remotely.

Price: 4 OUT OF 5

The price is not too expensive for a virtual mailbox, but it can be improved.

Ease of use: 5 OUT 5

All the features of Anytime Mailbox are easy to get around. However, some improvements can be made in the interface.

Support: 5 OUT OF 5

The concerned people can be contacted through the website.

Quick Summary

Anytime mailbox is a virtual mailbox created to provide convenience to people in delivering and receiving their snail mail. The ability to receive your snail mail directly on your laptop or smartphone anywhere in the world is so convenient on its own, imagine not taking all those trips to the post office just to check your snail mail.

With anytime mailbox, you don’t only receive your snail mail from anywhere in the world, but you can also respond to your received snail mail remotely. One more advantage of using Anytime Mailbox is that you can store all your snail mail securely in one place as there are no storage restrictions.

But, in case you want to temporarily or permanently delete a snail mail to declutter your mailbox, you can always do that by recycling or shredding the desired mail. Packages from all the major couriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more are accepted by anytime mailbox.

In the past few years, a lot of users have turned their heads to the virtual mailboxes to enjoy the convenience that these they provide, and if you’re also looking to shift towards a virtual mailbox, then I would definitely recommend you to try Anytime Mailbox for their great support and seamless service.

Pros and cons of Anytime Mailbox

I have listed below all the pros and cons of using anytime mailbox,


· Users can easily upload pictures straight from their smartphones without using any particular device.

· With anytime mailbox, you can remotely receive and respond to all your mail while on vacation or a business venture.

· The fact that you can manage all of your mail directly from your smartphone or laptop is much more hassle-free and time-saving.

· The service is secure.

· Anytime Mailbox makes it easier for the service providers to handle all their mail.

· It is easy to understand and use for everyone, the free tutorials that are available online are also easy to follow.

· Because of the unlimited online storage, the users don’t ever have to worry about deleting their old mail and can keep it as long as they want.

· The one-month free trial is a great way to try out the service for anyone who wants to test the service.


· There are hidden charges.

· The service could be a little less expensive.

· Few bugs here and there in the system can be fixed.

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Why trust me?

Hi, my name is Theo Lucia, and I have been receiving and handling snail mail all my life, it is essential to me as a customer to receive mail to in the most convenient way possible, and in my quest to find the best way to receive snail mail efficiently, I came across Anytime Mailbox and had to try this virtual mailbox service. After giving the service a shot for a decent amount of time, I have decided to write a review on it to make it easier for the people who are willing to learn about this virtual mailbox and want to know whether it will be worth their time and money.

Anytime Mailbox FAQs

Is Anytime Mailbox secure?

Yes, it is safe to use anytime mailbox, all of your snail mail can only be accessed by you. The snail mail will also be opened and scanned only if you grant permission.

The application for Anytime Mailbox is also secure, given that no virus or intruder messes with your account.

Does Anytime Mailbox receive package deliveries as well as regular mail?

Yes, they receive both. You can decide how you want to receive it after getting the message alert.

Does Anytime Mailbox receive mail and packages from all couriers?

Anytime Mailbox receives mail and packages from all of the renowned couriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.

Is there a difference between ‘recycling’ and ‘shredding’?

Yes, all of the mail that you recycle is recycled and can be restored anytime from the system. However, if you want to permanently delete a mail because it contains some sensitive information like your credit card information or anything else, then you have the option to shred it.

Once the mail is shredded, then it is impossible to restore it.

How long is my mail stored?

Anytime Mailbox offers unlimited online storage, so you can store your mail for as long as you like.

Is Anytime Mailbox only available in the US?

Yes, it is only available for various locations inside the US.

Is Anytime Mailbox free?

No, it starts at 6.99 USD for a month. However, there is a one-month free trial.

Anytime mailbox: A Detailed Review

Anytime Mailbox was created to deliver snail mail with ease to the customers. Since the snail mail is delivered virtually through anytime mailbox, there are a ton of features of this service that are worth discussing, so in this subdivision, let’s explore all the features that Anytime Mailbox has brought into play to achieve its goal of delivering the snail mail to its customers in the most convenient style.

Receive your snail mail globally

Anytime Mailbox makes it possible for its registered customers to receive their snail mail anywhere in the world, so with anytime mailbox, you can conveniently receive and respond to your snail mail even when you’re out of town.

It is a great feature to have, as it gives you the authority to answer all of your important snail mail on the go.

All your snail mail will not be opened and scanned without asking for your permission, so there is no need to worry about the mail that contains any of your sensitive stuff like credit card information, etc.


Receive packages from all kinds of companies

Users registered to the Anytime Mailbox service can receive packages from all kinds of companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more.

This feature adds to the versatility of Anytime Mailbox and makes it possible for the customers to receive their packages without any obstructions.

Open and scan your mail

After receiving your small mail on your laptop or phone, you can also use the open and scan feature of Anytime Mailbox to access the inside portion of your snail mail.

You will receive the full snail mail in PDF format. This PDF format snail mail can also be forwarded to yourself and other people. All your snail mail will be opened and scanned without any invasion of privacy.


Recycle your useless snail mail

You can avoid your Anytime Mailbox inbox from getting cluttered by useless and promotional snail mail by just simply selecting all the mail that you want to get rid and then recycle it, as simple as that, with anytime mailbox, you can declutter your inbox just by making a few clicks and without having to battle with a paper shredder.

And if you want to completely get rid of any snail mail because it contains your sensitive information like your credit card data or anything else, then you can shred that specific mail from the Anytime Mailbox application. Please know that the shredded snail mail is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


Deposit checks

Anytime Mailbox lets its users deposit checks securely directly from the application. Your request to deposit the check is instantly sent via anytime mailbox’s system right after you take action.

Real street addresses

Anytime Mailbox offers a real street address during the registration process, the street address which the courier services and the government authorities, etc. are aware of.

The real street address is important to deliver the packages and mails. It is also great for people who don’t want to share their home info.

If you are setting up the street address for your business, then you can also register the address under your company’s official name.

Free unlimited online storage

Anytime Mailbox offers unlimited online storage with their subscription, it becomes so much easier for the users to keep track of all of their important snail mail when they don’t get forced to delete their old mail due to limited storage.

By taking advantage of this feature, you can always keep all your important mail with you in case you ever need them in the future, this is something that can be difficult to do with a non-virtual mail
box because of all the physical space that will be required to store all the mail.

One month free trial

Anytime Mailbox offers a one month free trial for all of its new users, it is an excellent initiative from the company to let the customers try their services before they start paying.

Reasons Behind My Review & Ratings

Effectiveness: 5/5

Anytime Mailbox makes it possible for its users to receive their snail mail without making a trip to the post office. The ability to receive and respond to your snail mail directly from your smartphone from any corner of the world is very practical. On top of that, some other features like shredding, unlimited online storage, and real street address also come in handy. So this whole eco-system of Anytime Mailbox makes it effective for the users and deserves a solid 5.

Price: 4/5

Anytime Mailbox is priced a bit high after factoring in the hidden charges compared to its competitors. However, the free trial for the first month is useful to determine whether the service is worth it for you or not.

Ease of use: 4.5/5

All the features of Anytime Mailbox are super easy to understand and implement even for a newbie. All the mail can be easily accessed just by making a few clicks on your phone or laptop.

Support: 4.5/5

The support system is great, and there are a lot of ways through which you can contact the support center of Anytime Mailbox where they immediately address your problems.

Anytime Mailbox alternatives

These are some of the alternatives to anytime mailbox.

iPostal1: iPostal1 is a well-known virtual mailbox that lets users manage and view their mail online. The advantage of using iPostal1 is that you can read your mail anywhere without even making a trip to the mail office. Anyone willing to shift towards iPostal1 can follow the guidelines mentioned on their website and then can sign up for the service. In case of a business, you can also register your mail address under your company’s name.

The plans that iPostal offers are listed below,

  • Virtual mailing address — 9.99 USD for a month.
  • Virtual business address — 9.99 USD for a month.
  • Virtual business — 39.99 for a month.

Traveling mailbox: Traveling mailbox is a company with a mission to go paperless, this virtual mailbox brand provides its customers with the ability to view all of their snail mail on the go. By using Traveling Mailbox, you can easily manage your mail through their application or website straight from your laptop or smartphone. All your mail is scanned and delivered securely by keeping the rules and regulations of traveling mailbox in mind.

The pricing of all the three plans that traveling mailbox offers is mentioned below,

  • Basic plan — 15 USD for a month.
  • Extended plan — 25 USD for a month.
  • Small business plan — 55 USD for a month.

Virtual post mail: Virtual post mail is created to provide convenience to the people in receiving their snail mail. The users of virtual post mail can receive their mail anywhere on their smartphones or laptops, not only can they receive their snail mail, but they can also respond to it remotely straight from the application. The concept of not going to the mailbox to get your snail mail every time is so brilliant and practical on its own. Virtual post mail delivers your mail with keeping your privacy in mind.

The pricing of virtual post mail is 10 USD for a month.

Postscan Mail: With Postscan Mail, you can view and manage your mail online. Just sign-up to their service and avail the luxury of receiving and responding to your snail mail even when you’re out of town. Through Postscan Mail, get all your mail delivered securely. You can also register your address under your company’s name to promote your business.

The standard version of Postscan Mail costs 14.95 USD and the premium version costs 24.95 USD per month. More mail can be received and opened & scanned in the premium version ( there can also be hidden charges attached to these prices.

Final word

Making a trip to the post office just to check your snail mail is a time-consuming practice. Using Anytime Mailbox will not only just save you a lot of time, but it will also facilitate you in other areas.

Like anytime mail gives you the ability to receive and respond to all of your snail mail even when you’re outside of town for a business trip or just on vacation, you can also deposit checks through any time mailbox, keep track of all your past snail mail by taking advantage of the unlimited storage as the recycled mail can also be recovered through the cloud. Anytime Mailbox accepts packages from all couriers.

They also offer real-time addresses, this is great for the people who don’t want to give out their home info. Companies can also register their addresses on Anytime Mailbox by their name, so it is also useful for businesses.

Anytime mailbox creates a lot of ease for the mail center owners to deliver all the snail mail just by merely scanning it. All in all, Anytime Mailbox is a brilliant way to safely and conveniently deliver and receive snail mail.

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