Applying a style to an audio clip in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to apply a style to an audioclip:

  1. Using the presentation from the previous example, click on Slide2.
  2. Click on the Insert tab and choosethe Audio icon from the Media group.
  3. Select Record Audio, as you do nothave an audio recording:
ms office 368
  1. Name the recording and click on the Record icon to begin recording (the red doticon).
  2. Click on the Stop recording iconwhen complete (the blue square).
  3. Click on the OK icon to insert theaudio onto the slide:
ms office 249
  1. Notice that formatting audio is the same as it was for formattingvideos.
  1. The audio icon can be resized and repositioned using the samemethods we discussed previously.
  2. On the Playback tab, you will seethe Audio Styles icons. Here, you canchoose to remove a style or play the audio in the background whilepresenting the slide show.

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