Applying an animation effect to multipleobjects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The only difference in applying the same animation effect to multipleobjects is in the selection of the objects:

  1. Select each petal of the image on slide 1. To achieve this,hold down the Ctrl or the Shift key on the keyboard;and then, while keeping the Ctrl or Shift keydepressed, click on each individual petal, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 633
  1. Keeping the petals selected, click on the Animation tab on the ribbon, and then selectan animation effect to apply to the selected objects. In this example,we have chosen the Zoom animationeffect.
  2. Notice that after the animation is applied, allĀ theanimation rectangle icons display the number 1, indicating that the animations all happenat the same time due to the fact that they were all selected prior toapplying the animation effect.
  3. Preview the animation.

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