Applying and editing form headers in Microsoft Access 2019

Just as we add headers to documents and workbooks, we are able to adda header to a form or report on Access 2019. The header area is locatedat the top of the form or report, where the main heading isdisplayed:

  1. Open StudentsFrm in Designview so that you can apply or edit the header. If the form’sheader is not visible in Design view,either right-click with your mouse at the top of the form and chooseForm Header/Footer from the drop-downlist or place the mouse pointer in between the form’s header text andpage’s header text. A double arrow will appear. Hold your mouse down anddrag downward to create a space for the form’s header:
ms office 646
  1. Click on the label icon located under the Design contextual tab in the Controls group.
  2. Click and drag to create a label control in the desired position onthe form. Type the form’s header text into the label control:
ms office 534
  1. Save the form and return to Formview to see the changes. To edit the header text, simply navigateback to Design view and make thechanges. Edit the StudentsFrm header to read Student Database. Use the Format tab of the contextual menu to makechanges to the font face, size, alignment, colors, and line types, justas you would do in any other Office 2019 application. You can also add abackground image using the Format tabor by right-clicking on the form’s background to change the fillcolor.

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