Applying and modifying themes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

A theme is a collection of fonts, colors, andeffects that are saved as a name in the Theme Gallery. Pre-definedthemes are available from the Themesgroup on the Design tab. Should youwish to customize your own theme, use the Fonts, Colors, and Effects icons to the right of the ThemesGallery. In my experience, it is always easier to decide on a themeprior to adding all of your content to it. Applying a completely newtheme design or changing a design theme once your presentation iscomplete can cause a few complications, with you having to redo certainformatting elements. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the presentation called SafestSolutions-Themes.pptx.
  2. Click DesignThemes | More…:
ms office 243
  1. Select a theme to apply to the presentation.
  2. Notice that themes also have Variants, which are displayed just to theright of the chosen design theme on the ribbon.
  1. We are also able to format the background of a slide using the Customize group (alternatively, right-clickon a slide background and select FormatBackground… to change the background properties).
  2. Once you have chosen a design theme and a variant (if applicable),the existing presentation will update all the elements on the slideswith the new theme.
  3. In this particular design theme example, notice that applying thenew design theme has caused the first slide’s main title to distortsomewhat as the elements are now trying to fit into the new design themethat’s been applied. Change the formatting of the title of this slide sothat it looks more presentable.
  4. Save the presentation to keep the design changes.

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