Applying coloring to worksheet tabs in Microsoft Excel 2019

Adding color to sheet tabs is great fun and gives the user anopportunity to color the same sheet categories with the same color tab.It also makes the sheet name stand out when collaborating withothers.

  1. Click on the tab of the worksheet you would like to apply a colorto.
  2. Visit the Editing group of theHome tab and locate the Format icon.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow of the Format icon to access the Organize Sheets heading.
  4. Select the Tab Color menu item andselect a color from the sub-menu; alternatively, right-click on thetab of the worksheet to apply color.
  5. Choose Tab Color from the shortcutmenu and select a color from the sub-menu, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 456

Now that you are able to work with worksheets and sheet tabs, let’slearn to filter and sort data on a worksheet.

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