Applying conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel 2019

Conditional formatting is a format, such as a cell shading or fontcolor automatically applied to cells if a specific condition is met(true). When the condition is met, a specific cell format is applied tothe cells to answer any queries you may have about your data. Findingduplicates is another great use for this tool:

  1. Open the SSGStudentMarks.xlsx workbook.
  2. Select the cells to which you would like to apply conditionalformatting.
  3. On the Home tab, locate the Styles group. Click on the Conditional Formatting icon.
  4. Choose Highlight Cell Rules fromthe drop-down list.
  1. In the sub-menu, look for LessThan… (in this particular example, I need to locate values lessthan 40%).
  2. Type the value of 40% into thetext area provided on the left, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 876
  1. Choose the font color from the drop-down list on the right. I havechosen the red text color, but other formats are available by clickingon Custom Format… at the bottom of thelist, which will take you to the FormatCells dialog box.
  2. Note that the cells change color on the worksheet as you are makingchoices from the Less Than dialogbox.
  3. If I alter the % in cell E10 to41% after applying the conditionalformatting, the condition will not be met anymore and the format will beremoved from the cell.

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