Applying search and filter tools in Microsoft Outlook 2019

To quickly find items in Outlook, you can use the Instant Searchfacility, which is a built-in search. This facility is available onevery one of the Outlook folders (Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts):

  1. Click on a folder in the Navigation Pane in which to search—forinstance, Mail, Calendar, Tasks, or People. In the Instant Search text box,enter the information you are looking for. You will see gray text namedSearch Current Mailbox in the searchbox—this will disappear when you start typing your search criteria.Notice that there is a drop-down list to the right offering morechoices, such as a search through All OutlookItems. The Instant Search text box can be seen in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 326
  1. Press Enter to start your search. An example of the searchresults can be seen in the following screenshot:

  1. The search results are highlighted in yellow in the Messagepane. Notice that the ribbon has changed to reflect options to refinethe search. The Search Toolscontextual menu is now visible on the ribbon. Experiment with theseoptions.
  1. The Recent Searches icon along theribbon allows you to reuse a previous search. The Search Tools icon must also not be ignoredas you will be able, for instance, to have the located items displayedin a color other than yellow. Note that you will need to restart Outlookif you change these options, for them to take effect. The Recent Searches icon can be seen in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 232
  1. To clear a search, click on the X located at the right side of theInstant Search box or click on CloseSearch at the right of the ribbon.

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