Applying slide layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

A slide layout is a predefined slide that contains formatting (font,paragraph, styles, and so on) and placeholders (these are the text boxesthat you type text on a slide into) that are positioned for you on theslide as a default. In addition, a slide layout could containplaceholders for images, charts, SmartArt, and header and footerplaceholders. These layouts make it easier and faster to construct apresentation without the hassle of you having to build a blank slidefrom scratch. You are able to create custom layouts or choose from the12 different slide layouts in PowerPoint 2019.

When creating a new presentation in PowerPoint, the first slide isbased on the Title Slidelayout. Click on File | New | BlankPresentation. To add a new slide, simply pressthe Enter key on the keyboard, or right-click andchoose New Slide… from the shortcutmenu. Every new slide that’s inserted is based on the Title and Content Slide layout.

If you continue to click on NewSlide or press Enter on the keyboard, new slides willinsert based on the Title and Contentslide.

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