Applying the report’s page setup taboptions in Microsoft Access 2019

Print Preview is a view that showsyou how a report will look once printed—this view provides you with asnapshot of the entire document. You can zoom in and out of thedocument, print, or change the layout options of the page:

  1. Open the report you want to preview. We will continue to use theSSGSchoolDB.accdb database for this purpose.
  2. Click on the File tab, selectPrint from the drop-down list, andthen choose Print Preview.
  3. Note that the Print Preview ribbonis now displayed and various options are presented to change the layoutof the report.
  4. To exit the Print Preview mode,click on the Close Print Preview iconon the Close Preview group. A quickermethod to view the report in the PrintPreview mode is to choose the PrintPreview option when you right-click your mouse:
  1. The print preview zoom icon displays on the report so that you areable to increase or decrease the size of the preview:
ms office 168

The default orientation in Access is Portrait. In this section, we will changethe orientation of the report to accommodate any rows that don’t fit ona Portrait page. This is particularlyuseful when including charts alongside data on a report:

  1. Select the table, form, query, or report that you want to print bydouble-clicking on the object in the Navigation Pane.
  2. Once the object is open, click on the File tab, and then go to Print | PrintPreview. The Print Preview tabwill display on your screen.
  3. In the Page Layout group, locatethe Landscape icon to change thelayout from Portrait to Landscape.
  4. To change the paper size, click on the Size icon to access the drop-down list. Therecommended size is A4.

To print a report, open the report from the Navigation Panethat you want to print, and then click on the File tab and go to Print | Print. All the data will be printedunless you change the default settings in the Print dialog box. Click on OK to print the table once you have selectedthe printer, the number of copies, and the page range.

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