Arranging objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

There are numerous Arrange optionsavailable from the Picture Toolscontext menu. To access these options, follow these steps:

  1. Select a picture on a slide in your presentation. We will use theSafest Solution-Objects.pptx presentation for thisexample.
  2. There are many Arrange options youcan use to order, group, and position objects on slides. You are able toaccess the Arrange options using anyone of the following methods:
  • The first is accessible via the Drawing group on the Home tab.
  • The second is accessible via the Format tab of the Picture Tools contextual menu, at the verytop of the PowerPoint ribbon once an object has been selected.
  • The third is accessible via right-clicking on an object, after whichthe shortcut menu will appear for you to choose from the Arrange options.

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