Software recommendation: as you like ringtones are super easy to make

We often hear the same old factory-set ringtones for our phones. Why not create a personalized ringtone for your phone? You can quickly create your own ringtone from an existing music file or recording with the easy-to-use ringtone maker Free Ringtone Maker.

Run the Free Ringtone Maker software and click on the Choose a Song from My Computer button to select an MP3 file from your computer as the original material for ringtone processing (Figure 1). Since the software supports importing only one MP3 format, if the source file is in a format other than MP3, please convert it to MP3 format with Format Factory or other software.


After the music file is loaded, the editing screen appears in the window. Audition the music file by using the play and stop buttons on the left. If only one of the clips needs to be used as a ringtone, determine the start and end positions of the clip by dragging the left and right sliders. Once the clip is determined, click the Next button to continue the process (Figure 2).


Tip: If you need to make fade in and fade out cell phone ringtones, please check both Fade in and Fade out checkboxes in the above editing window, and then make them.

After the editing operation is finished, the save window will appear in the next step. Click the Save Ringtone to My Computer button to save the edited MP3 file to your computer (Figure 3). Finally, just upload the saved MP3 file to your cell phone and set it as your cell phone ringtone.


Read more: If the music you like is a mono track, you can also convert it to stereo. Click the Convert Mono Songs to Stereo button in the main interface of Free Ringtone Maker, download a software, run it, load the mono music, follow the prompts to convert it, and get the music in stereo (Figure 4). This software is a paid software, there is a demo version available. In addition, a domestic free software “Kugou Mobile Ringtone Maker” is also worth recommending, the software can not only make MP3 ringtones, but also WAV format, support fade in and fade out, sound enhancement and dual-channel, mono file conversion and preservation.


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