Systematic hacks: Asking for space in the driver “library

As a necessary component of Windows 10, drivers provide a strong guarantee for the safe and smooth operation of the system. For the safety of drivers, the system or software will make the necessary reserve of drivers during installation, which is specifically reflected in the system DriverStore driver folder. However, the files in this folder are not necessarily essential to the current system, and may only be used when the driver fails, is missing or reinstalled. If the system space is really tight and there is no other way, you can clean up the files in it as a reserve and temporarily unused. So, how can you determine and clean up the temporarily useless files?

1. Find out the space occupied by DriverStore folder

First of all, to quickly check the space occupied by DriverStore, you can use SpaceSniffer software to do it. If there are more than two Windows systems installed, the software will let users make a choice. After selecting the system path, click the Start button to start scanning (Figure 1).


If DriverStore takes up a particularly large amount of space, the software will prioritize it at the top of the view, so you can see the size of the folder at a glance (Figure 2).


In addition, if you have the quick search software Everything installed, you can also use it to find it. Just type DriverStore in the search window of Everything software, you can find the folder immediately, right-click it to show its properties window, and you can see the size of the space occupied by the folder (Figure 3).


2. Find out and delete old versions of drivers

After figuring out the space occupied by the DriverStore folder, you can clean it up if you confirm that it takes up an unusual amount of space. You can use the special software DriverStore Explorer to clean up this folder. Note that the DriverStore Explorer software should be run in administrator mode, otherwise it will not be able to delete the files in the boot library. The user can choose to delete some duplicate old drivers according to the displayed content (Figure 4).


Tip: If a driver is in use and you accidentally check these programs, it does not matter. Because this software will automatically prevent the deletion of these drivers. However, if the “Force Delete” option is checked and deleted, then you can only reinstall the driver to restore it.

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