Attaching an Outlook item in Microsoft Outlook 2019

At times, it might be required of you to attach another emailmessage, task, calendar item, or contact to a message you are sending.Here is the quickest way to attach multiple items of this nature:

  1. Open a New Mail message. From theInsert tab, locate the Include group, then click on Outlook Item, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 562
  1. From the Insert Item dialog box,locate the folder (Task, Contact, Calendar, and Email), then the item you wish to attach tothe existing email message. Alternatively, use the Business Card dropdown to insert a contactas an email attachment by clicking on the Insert Business Card icon from the Include group on the Insert tab. The former option is highlightedin the following screenshot:
ms office 526
  1. Click on the item, and then click on OK to insert the item into the mailmessage.
  2. In the email message, the inserted item will appear in the Attached area in the message header, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 446
  1. Don’t forget to click on Send onceyou have added the recipients and attached the item content to theemail.

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