Software recommendation: automatic attention to web content updates

We used to use RSS services to subscribe to specific web pages so that we could push them when their content was updated. However, many websites have begun to disable RSS services and many browsers have removed the RSS feature, making it difficult to monitor the content of web pages as they change. As the saying goes, “there is no way out”, and it is still possible to use specific online services to automatically notify users when the content of a web page changes.

Create a relevant web monitoring task

First, we open the official website of Wachete Online Services ( through your browser, register an account and enter the administration backend of the website. Click on the “Create new wachet” button at the top right of the backend page, and in the pop-up dialog box you can create a web content monitoring task (Figure 1).


For example, if we want to see if a new version of Total Commander is available, we can paste a link to the page you want to monitor in the “The URL address of the page you want to monitor” input box, and then select an option in the “What do you want to monitor” option as needed (Figure 2).


Next we click on the button in the bottom right corner of the web page, a browser window will pop up and open the web link we have just set up, move the mouse to this window and you will see several different selection boxes appear, check those parts of the web page to be tracked and make it appear as an inverted selection. Once this is done, Wachete Online Service will automatically read the title and body of the selected content and add it to the relevant content in the monitoring window. Then select “Text” in the “What would you like to extract” list to monitor only the text part of the selection. Select a time frequency to monitor in “Check value on this page every”, then click the “Next” button and follow the prompts to set “Value has changed”, and finally finish creating the task (Figure 3).


Tip: By the above method, you can create several different web monitoring tasks, and all of them will be displayed in the list in the background of the web page. We can manage these tasks in the list, for example, click on the “Delete” button to delete the links you do not want to monitor, or click on the “Edit” button to reset the properties of existing links. You can also click the “Edit” button to reset the properties of existing links.

Multiple ways to be notified of web page changes

The online service notifies users by e-mail when changes are made to the content of a web page within a set period of time. In addition, you can also automatically log in to the backend page of the online service and click on the “Notifications” option to find out which web links have changed, and open the web links in the notification message to see exactly what has happened to the monitored web links. The Wachet service will highlight the content that has changed by highlighting it in green, thus helping the user to quickly discover the specific changes to the web page (Figure 4).


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