System tip: Backup/install Windows 10 Store apps offline

By default, Windows 10 will automatically download various apps after each reinstallation. However, due to the App Store server, the online download speed is not only slow, but many times the App Store will also be unavailable (such as prompting network connection error and flashing back after the App Store is launched), which makes us unable to download apps in the App Store. For these problems, we can now use the “Online link generator for Microsoft Store” online service (hereinafter referred to as OLGFMS) to manually download the application installation files and install them offline.

First of all, when Windows 10 is normal, launch the App Store to search and install the “App Installer” (an app that can directly install .appx, .AppxBundle), and add it to the Start menu after the installation is completed. Now, as long as we have the web address of the application, we can download it manually with OLGFMS (even if it is from another country) and install it offline with the “App Installer”.

For example, “Deezer Music” is a great music player app for Windows 10 devices and its app store is located at 9nblggh6j7vv?activetab=pivot:overviewtab. Open the above address in your browser and click “Get”, the system will automatically call the “App Store”, but by default However, by default, it is not possible to download directly, and the app store will indicate that it is currently unavailable (Figure 1).


Figure 1: You can’t download the application directly by default

Now open in the browser, then enter the address of the above application in the text box, click the check icon after it, the website will automatically resolve the application address (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Parsing the address

We can see that all versions of the application will be parsed when the website is parsed, click on the latest version to download according to the release time prompt, and the downloaded application will be a package file with the extension “AppxBundle”. Double-click the downloaded “Deezer.62021768415AF_3.2.16.1000_neutral___q7m17pa7q8kj0.AppxBundle” as prompted, and then activate and install it to complete the offline installation (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Installing the application

After this installation, you can see the installed “Deezer Music” in the Start Menu Metro interface, click it to launch it and enjoy music through it (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Successfully install the application

The address of China App Store is “”, just find the app web address in it, then use the above method to download it offline, reinstall the system and install it offline again. Of course, this method can also be used to manually install the required apps if the current Windows 10 App Store is not available.


If the Windows 10 App Store is not available after reinstallation, you can first download and install the “App Installer” on another normal computer using the App Store (the default location for apps downloaded is C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution Please refer to the article “Windows 8 Application Offline Installation” in 2013 issue 24 for the Powershell command line.

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