Basic text formatting in Microsoft Word 2019

  1. Select some text to format in your document.
  2. Locate the Font group, then selectthe Font drop-down arrow.
  1. A list will unfold, listing a number of fonts. Your frequently usedfonts are listed near the top of the list. The list is in alphabeticalorder. Each font type presented in the drop-down list is written in thatfont, demonstrating how it will look. Select the desired font byselecting it with your mouse pointer. Alternatively, start typing thefont name you want to use, then press Enter on your keyboard toapply it to the selected text:
ms office 331
  1. To select a point size to apply to the text, simply click on thetiny arrow just after the font face list. Choose a point size from thelist provided or enter a font size of your own by typing it into thenumber placeholder provided. For example, you can type the size yourequire into the text area, replacing the size 11 font with size 13. Don’t forget to press Enteronce you are done!
  2. Next to the font size icon are two icons—one forincreasing and the other for decreasing the fontsize. This is another quick method of changing the size of elements in adocument:

ms office 35

  1. The bold attribute can be applied to make text bold by clicking onthe bold icon on the toolbar. The procedure is the same for the italicand underline icons. By clicking on the drop-down arrow to the right ofthe underline icon, a list of underline styles will appear. There arealso shortcut keys for all of these attributes, which are Ctrl +B, Ctrl + I, and Ctrl + U, respectively:
ms office 856

If you see that a formatting control (such as bold, italic, orunderline) is selected, it means that the option is already active onthe selected text or paragraphs in the document. To remove theformatting, simply select the paragraph or text that has the formattingapplied to it and click on the relevant icon on the ribbon. Sometimes,there are multiple formats applied to the same selection in a document.If so, you will need to remove the formats from them individually. Thisconcept works in much the same way as a light switch; you can switch iton and off using the same button.

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