• Sending a status report in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    To send an email to someone to let them know how far you have gotwith a task is really simple: Open the task, then select the Task tab. Click on the Send Status Reportoption under the Manage Taskgroup. A new email is created with Task StatusReport: Book Review as the subject (Book Review, in this case, is … Read more

  • Managing the task details in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Open a task to view its contents. Take a look at the Task and Details options under the Show group of the Task tab. This area is used to enter anysecondary information about the task or to update the task: Click on the Save & Close iconto update and close the task.

  • Creating tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Click on the tasks icon at the bottom of the Navigation Pane: In the task window, you will see any follow-up messages you havereceived, as well as any outstanding tasks or to-do list items. Click on the Home tab, then selectthe New Task icon:  Fill out the details for the task: Click on the Save & … Read more

  • Creating and managing tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    In this section, you’ll learn how to create and manage a taskso that you receive a reminder of items you need to complete by acertain date and a status report. We will also cover marking tasks ascomplete and assigning a task to another Outlook user.Accepting and declining task assignments will also be covered in thistopic.

  • Creating a calendar group in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Open the calendar view by clicking on the icon at the bottom of theNavigation Pane. From the Home tab, locate theManage Calendars group. Click on Calendar Groups, thenfrom the drop-down list, click on Create NewCalendar Group: In the dialog box, type a name for the new calendar into the textarea provided. For this example, we … Read more