• Calendar Objects, Tasks, Notes, and JournalEntries in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    In this chapter, you will learn how to work with calendars,appointments, and events, as well as setting meeting response optionsand arranging calendars and calendar groups. You will also learn how towork with tasks and how to assign them to other Outlook users, as wellas track them via the status report tool. This chapter also includes a … Read more

  • Searching for a contact in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Click to select People from thebottom of the Navigation Pane. Locate the search box at the top of the contacts list. Type into thesearch text area the name of the contact you wish to find. Click on All Outlook Items to viewthe drop-down list of search destinations, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot: The search will return … Read more

  • Sending a meeting to a contact group in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    At the bottom of the Navigation Pane, click to select People. Locate the contact group you would like to invite to a meeting. Openthe contact group by double-clicking on it. Locate the Meeting icon on theContact Group tab, as illustrated inthe following screenshot: A new meeting request is opened, where you are able to confirm thedate(s) … Read more

  • Deleting a contact group in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Open the contact group, as shown in the preceding section. From theContact Group tab, click on the Delete Group icon to move it from thelist. A dialog box will prompt you, asking if you are definitelysure you want to delete the group. Click on Yes to confirm.

  • Showing notes about a contact group in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    In the People contacts window,locate the contact group for which you want to create a note. Double-click on the group name to open it. We will openSafestContacts, as created in the preceding topics, for thisexample. On the Contact Group tab, click toselect Notes. Add a note for thecurrent group by typing text into the notes area. … Read more