BoomTown Review: Is the $1000 lead generator worth it?

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Effectiveness: 4.5 OUT OF 5

The software is enriched with features to help real estate businesses grow.

Price: 3.5 OUT OF 5

It is a little costlier compared to its peers.

Ease of use: 5 OUT OF 5

All of the features integrated into the software are easy to use.

Support: 5 OUT OF 5

The support team is fantastic.

Quick Summary

BoomTown is a CRM platform. It helps agents, brokers, and real estate companies to get leads. The software not only generates leads for its users but also gives detailed insights into them. The agents, brokers, and real estate companies can use these insights to their advantage and can deal with leads accordingly. In this way, more leads can convert into customers and long term clients. Although BoomTown is pretty expensive especially for single agents, it is a great way to generate leads, and many users of BoomTown stated that they recovered the fees of BoomTown’s 12-month contract in only the first month through leads.

The support team of BoomTown is also helpful, and the interface is designed in a clean and straightforward tone and doesn’t require any technical knowledge from the users, even an average user can get hold of all the features of BoomTown quickly.

The 12-month commitment is, however, not suitable for single agents and small real estate companies considering the price of the monthly plans that BoomTown offers.

BoomTown gets frequent updates to make sure that the software always feels modern and up to date to the users.

BoomTown Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of using BoomTown are,


The pros of using BoomTown are:

· Generates leads.

· Gives insights into leads.

· Automated follow-ups and email campaigns.

· You can categorize your clients.

· Easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills.

· The customer support team is excellent.

· There is an application for both iOS and Android platforms.


The cons of using BoomTown are:

· The single agents can suffer on this platform.

· There is a setup fee.

· You have to commit to a one-year contract which can be a lot for small agencies.

· The application for smartphones is not as polished as the web version.

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Why trust me

Hi, my name is Muhammad Ahmed Farooqui, I have been passionate about the real state industry from well over two years, and to be able to pursue my passion of this industry, I follow a lot of real estate tycoons and also read articles and books that are relevant to this industry. Recently, I made the decision of putting all the knowledge that I collected by following the real estate industry trends to test, and what better way to get leads than by using software designed and dedicated to real estate businesses. So, after giving BoomTown a shot. I decided to share my opinions on it based on my personal experience.

BoomTown FAQs

Does BoomTown guarantee leads to its users?

No, BoomTown does not guarantee leads. However, according to the statistics of BoomTown, they have been able to provide sufficient leads to their customers from time to time.

How long does it usually take to launch a platform on BoomTown?

It usually takes 30 days to launch a system. The time frame can, however, vary from team to team based on how well the team is collaborating with BoomTown’s team.

Do you have to commit to a contract?

Yes, you have to commit to a 12-month contract with BoomTown.

What is the purpose of BoomTown?

BoomTown is created for brokers and real estate businesses. The platform helps them in generating more leads.

What are the conversion rates of BoomTown’s leads?

The conversion rates totally depend on the personal performance of agents and how well they manage their leads.

BoomTown — A Detailed Review

BoomTown is a web-based real estate marketing software created to help improve the strategies of real estate businesses, generate them more leads, and to connectthem with more people.

All of this is done by taking advantage of the BoomTown’s software. Below, I am going to mention all the various features that are available on the software and will also discuss how these features can help the users in growing their real estate businesses.

Generates leads

BoomTown generates leads for real estate businesses and leads play the most important in growing a real estate business, a real estate business without enough leads will most probably go bankrupt.

Make automated follow-ups

More than half of the business owners lose what could have been their long-term clients because of not following up on their leads. The reason for which they usually don’t make a follow up is that they are too busy handling and managing other parts of their businesses. But, with BoomTown, following up with your clients is not a problem anymore. You can just schedule all of your follow-ups and the system will take care of the rest by sending the follow-ups automatically to your leads. Automated follow-ups will take all the hard work off your chest, and then you can jump in when a lead is interested in turning into a conversion.

Automated follow up is a really helpful feature for real estate businesses as it takes care of all your leads even without your presence.


Contact management system

Gather details of all your contacts and keep track of their activities. Contact management can help in giving better customer support to your leads and can help you in growing your real estate business.

Predictive analytics

BoomTown analyses your current performance and takes out predictive CRM. The predictive CRM system speaks about how your real estate business is going to perform in the future, with that said, predictive CRM is only a presumption and should be taken as a presumption only.

Provides solid leads

BoomTown provides some leads that are solid and ready to convert. All they need is just affirmation from your side. Conversion-ready leads are great as they consume very less time off your hands.

Run automated email campaigns

By using BoomTown, you can create an automated email campaign to promote your business. After creating the campaign, you can send it to all of your clients and leads using the automated email campaign feature integrated into the software.

These email campaigns are really important as they can bring more leads to your business, and these leads usually have a high chance of turning into conversions.

Android and iOS apps are available

It is great to see that BoomTown has an application for both Android and iOS. Because of these applications, the users can stay connected with the software straight from their smartphones. So, no matter wherever you are present, you can always stay updated about what is happening and can contact your leads without needing to open your computer every time.

You can download the application of BoomTown from the google play or app store.

Reasons behind my ratings

These are the reasons which I have considered while rating the software.

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

All the features of BoomTown are centered on giving maximum leads to real estate businesses. BoomTown generates leads, gives automated follow-ups and email campaigns, provides predictive CRM, and more. Each of this feature is very useful and help a lot in getting clients.

However, BoomTown is only suitable for agencies and firms. It is difficult for single agents to take advantage of the features of BoomTown.

Price: 3.5/5

The pricing of BoomTown is not the best compared to its peers, the company offers four packages to choose from; there is a setup fee attached to every plan.

The pricing of BoomTown is also not suitable for single agents and even small agencies.

Ease of use: 5/5

The interface of both the application and website of BoomTown is clean. All the features are easy to use and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use them. Overall, there are no issues with the interface, and every feature is rather easy to get around.

Support: 5/5

The support that BoomTown provides to its users is excellent, there is even an option available on the website of BoomTown where you can directly chat with the customer support team.

BoomTown Alternatives

Some alternatives to BoomTown are listed below:

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is another platform created to generate leads for real estate businesses. Unlike BoomTown, Real Geeks is focused on single agents and small agencies. However, many large companies also operate on Real Geeks.

The pricing of Real Geeks is also relatively low compared to BoomTown, you can start using Real Geek by paying 249 USD per month and there is also no setup fee attached to the package.

Market leader

The market leader is one of the most prominent lead generators available, working in the market since 1999. Both single agents and teams can take advantage of this lead generator tool.

The market leader often arranges webinars for its users to provide them with an understanding of the market and to teach them how they can use the tool for maximum leads and conversions.

The starting price of the Market leader is 129 USD per month and there is no setup fee.

Top producer CRM

Top producer CRM helps brokers, agents, and teams working in the real estate industry get leads. These leads help these agents and teams gain customers and even long term clients. Top producer CRM is a web-based platform and it also gives the background of the leads that it provides, so it becomes easier for the agents and teams to manage each lead accordingly.

Top producer CRM offers three plans to choose from, the basic plan costs 40 USD, their most popular plan called ‘professional’ costs 70 USD and the most expensive plan costs 80 USD.


Placester is a lead generator trusted by thousands of agents, brokers, and real estate companies. How it works is that it displays the expertise of agents and companies to potential clients. In this way, clients can easily find the best broker or agency. Placester gives insights into leads to brokers and real estate companies.

Placester offers two plans, one is the agent plan which costs 99 USD per month excluding 99 USD setup fees and the other is the broker plan which costs 399 USD per month excluding 199 USD setup fees.

The Final Word

In this era of advancement and modernization, where everything is moving towards technology, and platforms like BoomTown are emerging. It has become less challenging to connect with people than it was two decades ago. Now, it is easier to meet people, the people that you could have never met without the help of technology. In the same way, platforms like BoomTown connect agents, brokers, and real estate businesses with a lot of people by using the algorithm of their system. BoomTown also provides insights into the leads that it generates for its agents, brokers, and agencies. These insights help these real estate businesses in converting the leads into customers and even long term clients.

The user interface of BoomTown is also top-notch as all the features are easy to understand and use. In case you ever face any kind of difficulty with BoomTown, you can always contact their support team, they are helpful and responsive, you can also contact them through their website.

Overall, BoomTown is a great software for increasing your leads and conversions, but here is the reason why I would only recommend BoomTown to real estate companies and not single agents or small agencies. The reason for that is straightforward, yes, BoomTown is an excellent lead generator, but it is still not magic.

If you look at the pricing plans of BoomTown, they are already really high and on top of that imagine being committed to a 12-month contract. As a single agent or a small company, there is a one in a million chance that you would recover the fee of BoomTown in a short time, and you could end up losing all your money on this investment, this is the bitter reality. There are plenty of other cheaper options that you can go for as a single agent or small agency, but I would never recommend BoomTown to a single agent or even a small company.

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