Ways to Brighten Face in Photo without Photoshop

In our daily life, we capture photographs to store the best moments of our life. The perfect shot comes with a balance of light and shadow. We are sometimes in a situation where a sufficient amount of light is not available and you do not want to miss the moment to take photograph. Thus, your clicked photograph may appear dull with the subject being hardly visible.

No worries!!! You can easily add brightness to the face in the photo even without using Adobe Photoshop in several ways. Many editing tools (like PicMonkey or fotor) help us to easily add glow to the photographs. You can also download android apps on your phone (like BeautyPlus) to keep on adding light to the dull photographs. Many of these tools are free while for others you have to pay for enjoying premium services.

Solution 1: Luminar AI

  • Download and install Luminar AI.
  • Click + iconto add a photo.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-1
  • Choose the suggested style from the Templatestab (optional).
  • brighten-face-in-photo-2
  • Go to Edit Portrait Face Light then use the slider to adjust the brightness.


  • Click Export to save the brightened face photo after selecting the image format and other relevant settings.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-4

    Solution 2: Fotor

  • Open the webpage and then sign up and log in.
  • Hit Opento upload the photo.
  • Navigate to Adjust > Basic Adjust > Brightness.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-5
  • Adjust the slider to make changes in the brightness.
  • Click Export to save the image with a brightened face.

    Solution 3: Picmonkey

  • Its Eye Brighten tool can be used for brightening the face in the photo. 
  • Go to and sign up and log in.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-6
  • Hit Add image to upload the picture.
  • Navigate to Touch Up > Eyes >Eye Brighten.
  • Then, brush size and brightness are adjusted repeatedly to achieve the desired lightness.
  • Hit the Downloadicon to save the image with the brightened face.
  • Solution 4:

  • Go to webpage and click START.

  • Select the image you want to make brighter.
  • Hit the Edit option on the left.
  • You will see the Brightness slider in the panel of instruments.
  • Adjust the brightness of your image using the Brightness slider. 
  • Save the brightened image.
  • Solution 5: Lunapic

  • Go to webpage https://www12.lunapic.comand click Edit a Photo.
  • Select the image you want to make brighter.
  • Navigate to Adjust > Brightness.
  • Adjust the brightness of your image using the Brightness slider.
  • Save the brightened image after the desired result is obtained.
  •  Solution 6: Digital Photo Enhancer

  • This tool is suited for portrait and dark photos. You can brighten your image with a single click. After analyzing the whole picture this tool detects the exact lighting that will serve the purpose.
  • Open digital photo enhancerand add a photo.
  • Click the Light box adjacent to Auto-correction and the program will automatically make adjustments.

  • Click the Before/After button to compare the edited one with the one before.
  • Save the image in the desired format (JPEG.PNG and others).
  • Using Digital Photo Enhancer to edit manually

    Sometimes auto lighting correction won’t suit you. For example, you have a photo with many objects hidden in shadows. In that case, you can brighten the photo by making manual adjustments.

  • Move the Exposure slider to the right.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-9
  • Check out the histogram at the upper right to catch the moment when the balance of highlights and shadows is restored.
  • Don’t drag the Exposure slider extreme to the right to have a natural look. 
  • Save the image.
  • Using Digital Photo Enhancer in case of quite a dull image

    If the picture is quite dark, you can adjust its luminance and keep the rest of the hues as they are. This is best suited for landscape and macro photography.


  • Navigate to Colors > Luminance.
  • Adjust the color sliders on the Luminance to get the desired brightness in the image.
  • Make adjustments in the Lights and Darks settings to restore the color balance after brightening the image.
  • Solution 7: PIXLR X

    First Method

  • Download and install PIXLR X on your desktop.
  • brighten-face-in-photo-11
  • Select the photograph to which you want to add light.
  • Make a duplicate layer.
  • Hover to the Adjustments < Light < Brightness.
  • Adjust the brightness slider to get the desired image result. Also, you can make changes to contrast and exposure from their sliders.
  • Once satisfied, you can save the output photography after choosing the image format and other relevant settings.
  • Second Method 


  • Hover to the Adjustments < Curves.
  • By default, the curve graph will show you a straight line.
  • Adjust the straight line to get the desired level of brightness.
  • Brightening face in a photo with help of Android Applications

    Solution 8: Snapseed


  • Launch the Snapseed app then select an image from the phone.
  • Navigate to Tune image then adjust the Brightness as required.
  • You can also use adjust option which will automatically brighten your photo.
  • Finally, click the Glamour Glow option to brighten up your face in the photo.
  •  Solution 9: Perfect365 



    You can use the face detection option of this tool to eradicate dark spots under the eyes and to customize the skin of your face. This makes your face appear with a natural glow. Numerous templates are available which you can use for customizing your future selfies. Perfect 365 gives you the option to share your pictures on social media websites including Facebook.

    Solution 10: AirBrush



    Its “brighten” function helps you add shine to your face in the picture. Within a few taps, you can have the image brightened. The best part of this tool is that after an edit, the image gives a natural look. Even you can use this app to get your teeth whitened with few clicks. AirBrush upgrades itself time by time to keep up with international standards. This one of the best android apps to get the photos brightened and also has several filters.

    Solution 11: BeautyPlus

    BeautyPlus is a powerful tool with artistic filters to add a glow to your images. From adjustments, you can move the brightness slider to get the desired level of brightness. This application is developed for seflies but is also great when it comes to brightening dark photos.



    Solution 12: PhotoDirector



    This app allows you to add special effects to pictures like adjusting the white balance. You can apply these effects in real-time or can make adjustments from your phone’s camera. The Brighten pictures mode allows you to set the brightness of your image. You can also make changes in Darkness and exposure in this mode. This application is both the image editor and collage creator with various filters to make your face look stunning.

    Solution 13: Visage



    It is fine when your clicked selfie shows pimples, circles under the eyes, or teeth that are not perfectly white. These all problems would be handled effectively by Visage. This application helps you make your picture appear quite brighter. Also, you can smooth skin, apply eye makeup, and many more. Visage is available for both iOS and Android. 

    Its free version will bother you with many ads popping up and your final image will also contain branded hashtag applied to the bottom. However, the paid version is free from these drawbacks.

    Solution 14: Beauty Camera

    This application will help you both brighten up your photo and also to adjust the tone and detail of your photo. You can either select the image from the phone gallery or click the picture from the camera. From the adjustments option, you can change the brightness of the image. You can then light up the face or remove any spots from the skin.

    Solution 15: iPhone Editor


  • Go to the Photo app and select the photo 
  • Hit on the Adjust icon and navigate to Filter icon > choose Chroma filter.
  • After applying this filter, you will see your image looks brighter than before.
  • Solution 16: Windows 10 Editor

  • Open the photo and click Edit & Createat the top of the screen.

  • Click adjustments.
  • Move to the light slider on the upper right side to make the desired brightness changes.
  • Save the image.
  • Conclusion

    Many Android applications, computer software, and online tools are available to add brightness to the face in the photo. It is up to your ease either you use the app on the phone or perform an edit by using your personal computer or a laptop. If you are an iPhone user or have the Win10 installed on your pc, you do not need any third-party tool to perform the edit. Simply the built-in image editors will help you to give your face a natural look with a glow. Given the diversity of the solutions and image editing tools, you can easily bring your dark photographs to light.

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