Software recommendation: build Windows 10 video desktop

Windows 10 desktop is usually a static picture or picture slideshow, so you can’t set video as desktop background directly. With the help of two software, you can set the video as desktop background.


We can use DeskScapes 8 software to generate a video desktop. First, prepare the video file. Select “Folders→Add/Remove Folders” from the menu in the upper left corner of the software window (Figure 1). Then click the “Add” button under the “Folders” tab to add a video folder, and confirm whether it contains subfolders. After adding the video files, select the video folder in the “Folders” tab list and click “Confirm”.


Select the video file you want to use as your desktop in the media window and click “Apply to my Desktop” in the bottom right corner of the window to apply the video to your desktop (Figure 2). If you select “Apply as my screensaver”, the video will be applied as screen saver.


We can also personalize the video effects by customizing them. Click on the “Effects” button on the toolbar of the settings window, select the appropriate effect from the right pane and click on “Apply to my desktop” (Figure 3).


In addition, you can also create a combined effect. Click on the “Combined effects” button in the lower right corner and select “Create a combined effect”, the name of the effect is given in the window, then you can define up to Then you can define a combination of up to four effects through the drop-down menu and click the “OK” button to make the combination effective (Figure 4).

Tip: DeskScapes 8 has a 30-day trial version, or you can purchase a permanent license.

If you think DeskScapes 8 has limitations and registration is a hassle, you can use another free Chinese desktop video tool “Firefly Video Desktop”.


Turn on the “Video Desktop” switch in the upper left corner of the Firefly interface, select an online video source or a local video file, and then click the “Set as desktop background” button to set the current video as a dynamic desktop (Figure 5).

Tip: In the “Settings” window, select “automatically start the fire in the boot” to ensure that the dynamic desktop can automatically take effect every time you turn on the computer. In addition, if there are multiple monitors used together, through the “multi-screen joint” option, you can achieve the joint playback of a video on multiple screen backgrounds.

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